Achievement Challenges: 21st Century Learning – Refresh March 2023

Mid year 2023 Achievement Target Four_Whāinga Paetae Tuatoru_ (1)Achievement Target Four/Whāinga Paetae Tuatoru: 

21st Century Learning/Ako Iāianei Tonu – Akonga at the Centre – New Zealand Curriculum Refresh

Aspiration Statement/Tauākī Wawata

Kāhui Ako ki Orewa, want kaiako to know what has changed in the New Zealand Curriculum, how to implement the changes in the curriculum whilst ensuring the curriculum is inclusive, respectful of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, is easy for kaiako/teachers to use and is clear about the learning that matters for our akonga.

Strategic Initiatives/Ngā Kaupapa Rautaki  

  • Create clear pathways through The Curriculum Refresh that connect Kāhui Ako ki Orewa schools.
  • To access and develop resources, external support, and expertise to drive our schools throughout the Curriculum Refresh Timeframe, to meet 2026 with confidence.

Rationale/ Te Take

Why?/He aha ai?

  • All Schools must have an understanding of the refreshed New Zealand Curriculum, the purpose, the vision, the changes that need to be made to be using the refreshed curriculum in their classrooms at the beginning of 2026.
  • There is a need to build confidence, clarity and the capacity for all teachers to successfully implement the refreshed New Zealand Curriculum
  • All students will be using the “The Understand, Know, Do” framework 
  •  All teachers will use this framework for refreshing all learning areas.
  • The refreshed New Zealand Curriculum design is to ensure every learner/akonga experiences success in their learning, and that their progress and achievement is responded to and celebrated. 
    We Recognise that for Teachers/ Kaiako

    1. Change brings anxiety/ uncertainty
    2. Clarity and development over the areas that are being Refreshed to be supported
    3. Teachers want good models of the refreshed curriculum that are easy to use.

    We are developing and growing:

  • Engagement of all Kahui Ako ki Orewa members
  • Understanding and clarity of the Curriculum Refresh timelines and frameworks of learning
  • Models of best practice of curriculum Ares being Refreshed 
  • Resource banks of expertise

Measures/Ngā Mēhua 

This goal will be achieved by:

  • Surveying teachers with the Kahui Ako (Term 1 and 3)
  • Models from Within School Leaders of change
  • Developing a resource bank of expertise to guide and support schools through the curriculum refresh
  • Schools being confident and clear on what is expected over the timeline so they  will be ready for 2026

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