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Rāmere, te 15 o te Māehe 2024


Orewarewa whenua, puāwai māhuri

On the fertile ground of Orewa, the sapling blooms

Competition – Each week we will have a competition. One lucky winner will receive a $20 Millie’s Coffee voucher! It’s simple, just email your answer to [email protected]



Congratulations to     Mel Pollard    this week’s winner! 



This Week’s Voucher Entry can be made by submitting your feedback about our Kāhui Ako ki Orewa Newsletter. Click on the link below to submit your feedback.

Kāhui Ako Newsletter Feedback


Have something to share? Get in contact with one of our Across School Leaders – we would love to hear from you!

[email protected] Te ao Māori

[email protected] Hauora

[email protected] Future Ready

[email protected] 21st Century Learning

[email protected] Structured Literacy


Structured Literacy Isn’t Just a Phonics Programme!


The Simple View formula demonstrates that a reader must have strong decoding skills and strong language skills to achieve good reading comprehension.

Structured Literacy is knowledge, fluency and comprehension.

Fluency is dependent on accuracy and will develop over time. Accuracy stems from sound decoding skills and is part of word recognition. 

  • Fluency is accuracy, automaticity and prosody (Rhythm and sound).
  • Fluency will develop as orthographic mapping improves.
  • Oral reading fluency has a strong correlation with reading comprehension.

Decoding develops fluency which in turn allows for comprehension

Students need you to keep feeding in knowledge and vocabulary by providing a rich programme with plenty of exposure to content.

Include things like:

  • Paragraph of the week
  • Shared book
  • Choral reading
  • Wow word
  • Topic word studies

Students need knowledge and vocabulary development opportunities provided by the teacher so that they can have language comprehension. When this is put together with strong decoding skills it equals reading comprehension which is the ultimate goal but may not happen all at once and certainly won’t happen without all aspects being systematically and explicitly taught.

The Future Ready Team PD

As a team, we would love to lead some PD around digital integration and are currently opening up the discussion to everyone in our Kāhui Ako. If you have something to feedback on or that you would like to learn more about please email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Professional Development will be aimed Years 0-13

Chat GPT

Did you know that you can use the Chat GPT app to translate English to other languages?

Josh at Orewa College has been using the app on his phone to help support instruction in the classroom. With more and more ESOL students attending school it is important that we are able to communicate. Using digital resources is a great way to connect and communicate. Pro’s of Chat GPT – it doesn’t sound like a robot and it is more accurate than other apps that may have been used in the past.


Check out the app here: 

Google Play  



Kupu/ o te WIki Resource


E te whānau. If you want to challenge yourself, and your tamariki or need simply something to add to your classroom morning hui or kete, we have the resource for you! 

Our William Albertsma has put together a weekly rerenga kupu/phrase that can be learned alongside your tamariki and used in the classroom starting tomorrow. 

Feedback and questions are welcome.

Kupu o te Wiki term 1

He mihi nunui ki Matua William Albertsma rāua ko Whaea Emily Dixon for creating this rawe resource. 



Tāhūrangi is here, the new home for online teaching resources

Tāhūrangi, the new digital home for curriculum content, teaching resources, and news, is now live.

Tāhūrangi is the new website that will replace TKI.  It has content that supports your ākonga and will become the main home for curriculum materials and resources.


Key benefits that make Tāhūrangi helpful when planning teaching and learning:

  • Bilingual te reo Māori/English search functions, which means you can search using one language and find results in both
  • A range of search filters so that users can quickly find the resources they need
  • The ability to quickly download resources.
  • Has the online hub Te Marautanga Aotearoa. This is a hub for te reo Māori information, resources and guidance to support the growth of teaching and learning in and through te reo Māor

Additional features

Users can sign in to Tāhūrangi using their Education Sector Logon to access additional features personalised for their account. You can:

  • Organise and save resources to create your own collections, which you can easily access later
  • Share those collections with other users who have a Tāhūrangi profile
  • Save language preferences.

Access all features

To access all the features on Tāhūrangi, you will need an Education Sector Logon (ESL). If you don’t have one, this link will show you how to apply.

How to get an ESL – Applications & Online Systems

Content reviews

The content available on Tāhūrangi now is just the start. In the future, all new curriculum content, resources, and teaching materials will also be released on the new platform.

While I have had challenges in locating information when browsing Tāhūrangi, it does have a wealth of information. For example, I found a unit on grouping rocky shore animals aimed at years 1-4.  As well as providing lots of links and resources it also explored Māturanga Māori and the connections to concepts in te ao Māori. There were learning activities, starter questions to ask students, ideas for guiding student exploration and reflection questions to ask students.

Hopefully, as the site evolves it will become more user-friendly as well as us becoming more proficient at finding resources with ease.

Link to Tāhūrangi: Curriculum content, teaching materials and news – Tāhūrangi

Note: If you are finding the maths section difficult to navigate and preferred using  NZ Maths check out this link or refer back to newsletter 1 of this year for more information.

 Link to NZ Maths Resources


Profile on the HBC Youth Centre, Orewa

The HBC Youth Centre is a non-profit charitable trust working to empower and strengthen youth and their families through the provision of challenging activities, support services, employment, advocacy, education and training. 

It is an exciting time – the HBC Youth Centre now has a new governance. 

The Centre concentrates its efforts under three strategic program streams.

  1. Sports and Developments – Youth Employment, Outdoor Education, HOliday Programs and After School Care.
  2. Safe Teen Spaces – Programs, Free Hang Out, Youth Events and Parties.
  3. Community and Leadership – Wellness Services, Transitional Training, Youth Employment, Community Volunteering.
    1. Youth Counselling
    2. Family Planning
    3. Internships & Student Placements
    4. Disability Programs


Ensuring a healthy, respectful, fun and progressive safe space is provided with a professional, fun and outgoing team in attendance.

What’s on locally for kids after school?

The HBC Youth Centre now has fantastic afternoon programs for 5-13 year olds. 

Book in early for the holidays

The Last HBC Hauora Network Newsletter – link In this edition – Look for the green or blue bar to find our full HBC Youth Hauora Contact List of organisations. (see photo below for what to look for)

This great event is for young leaders to develop their skills:


Kāhui Ako Hui Dates – Term 1 2024

Thursday 28th March – ASL @ Orewa Beach School

Thursday 4th May – WSL @ Orewa College 3.30pm

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