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Note: With both the Social Sciences and Aotearoa NZ Histories out now, there is some confusion over which document to refer to when teaching ANZH. 

The information in ANZH is included/embedded in the Social Sciences curriculum. 

RE ANZH vs Social Sciences

The first two Big Ideas in ANZH curriculum are also two big ideas in the Social Sciences curriculum.

The other two big ideas in ANZH are embedded in the elaboration of big ideas in Social Sciences.

So… Social Sciences Big Idea # 3 People’s lived experiences have been shaped by the use and misuse of power – includes the ANZH big idea # 3 as the last sentence of the elaboration for that big idea. This is because there is an overarching big idea about power and then as a subset of the that big idea for history is the ANZH big idea # 3.

Same for Social Sciences big Idea # 6 – includes a very slight rewording of the Big Idea # 4 in ANZH curriculum which encompasses everything in that big idea but also widening it out somewhat to allow for other aspects of social sciences, not just history.

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