MoveNproves are available to be used for Year 0-8 classes in number, measurement, space (used to be called geometry), statistics and probability.

Students first decode what the problem is and then decide what they think the answer is. Each corner of the classroom is given a letter (A, B, C or D) and the children go to the corner they think represents the answer. They then defend their answer.

These moveNproves help teachers focus on the errors in children’s thinking. They allow teachers to go beyond the traditional  “True or False” or hands up if you know.

They provide a safe and inclusive environment which encourage students to move around the room and show their current thinking. It enables teachers to listen to incorrect answers which students come up with and provides valuable insights into their thinking, misconceptions and incorrect processes they are applying.

It promotes mathematical discourse and students learn to critique others ideas.

Attached below you’ll find a link to a spreadsheet featuring all of the moveNproves to make finding a suitable activity so much easier.  All of the activities are hyperlinked for easy access and the colour bar provides a rough indication of which levels they might be suitable for. You can access the spreadsheet here  moveNproves

There is even a template on there to make your own, or have students who need extending make their own and share them with others! Get out there teachers and moveNprove!

Example of the spreadsheet

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