Achievement Challenges: Te Ao Māori

Achievement Target One/Whāinga Paetae Tuatahi: 

Te ao Māori – Ako and Leadership- Tikanga, Te reo, Cultural Responsiveness

Aspiration Statement/Tauākī Wawata

In the Kāhui Ako ki Orewa we believe that te ao Māori, te reo me ōna tikanga and mātauranga Māori should be woven through every part of our practice and the educational experiences of our tamariki, becoming ‘what we do’ as kaiako and akonga in Aotearoa.

Strategic Initiatives/Ngā Kaupapa Rautaki 

  • Work with our kura to significantly develop and expand the number of kaiarahi/leaders of Māori 
  • Use the locally developed strategic document, Ko Te Rautaki Reo a Kāhui Ako ki Orewa as a tool/guide to grow and support the increasing use and visibility of te reo Māori, tikanga Māori and mātauranga Māori within all of the kura in the Kāhui Ako Orewa 
  • Work with Te Herenga Waka o Orewa Marae and mana whenua to ensure that strong links are formed and maintained between with the Kāhui Ako ki Orewa and that Māori have a leading voice in the direction of our mahi
  • Work as a rōpū to upskill and support staff in our kura in all aspects of te ao Māori
  • Bring together leaders of Māori from our primary schools with Orewa College to develop a clear learning pathway from Curriculum Level 1 through to tertiary study of te reo Māori

Rationale/Te Take 

Why? He aha ai?

  • “We know Māori students do much better when education reflects and values their identity, language and culture” Ka Hikitia
  • “Māori language is the foundation of Māori culture and Identity” Ka Hikatia
  • Honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the 3P’s, Partnership, Protection and Participation is our responsibility. This is woven through the NZ teaching Standards, our teachers need to be empowered to succeed in meeting these standards effectively and our students have the right to have teachers who are capable of doing so
  • So that when you enter our kura it is clear that you are in Aotearoa because of the place that te ao Māori is given
  • Te reo Māori me ōna tikanga is a taonga/treasure found only here in Aotearoa and it needs to be protected and supported to thrive
  • It’s an official language of Aotearoa

Measures/ Ngā Mēhua

At the beginning of 2021, a hui was held at Te Herenga Waka o Orewa Marae to measure the progress of each of our kura against our strategic document, Ko Te Rautaki Reo a Kāhui Ako ki Orewa. Each kura measured their position against the four domains. This data can be used to check progress. 

Anecdotal evidence from kaiako, tūmuaki, Māori leaders and the marae.

Explore gathering student voice data from across our kura to measure the perception of progress from their perspective. This will need to have whānau at the table to go ahead. (Delayed until 2023/24 due to covid)

Goals/Ko ngā Whāinga

Short Term

  • To continue to raise the level of te reo Māori of our within-school rōpū so that we can better improve our  practice and the practice of the kaimahi in our Kāhui 
  • To support teachers to be able to implement the Aotearoa New Zealand Historie’s Curriculum
  • To continue to strengthen our ties to Te Herenga Waka o Orewa
  • To complete our first year of senior lessons that follow on from our junior lessons
  • To bring back the Tū Māia festival and ensure that all of our kura participate
  • To delve into Niho Taniwha model – A Kaupapa Māori inquiry journey as a collective PLG, working through two chapters per week and participating in robust discussions to increase our collective cultural competency and to be challenged to look critically at our current practice.
  • To trial initiatives in our kura and share what works with others particularly around Niho Taniwha
  • To increase the knowledge and capabilities of kaimahi around Te Tiriti o Waitangi responsibilities in their practice and the ability to teach our tamariki effectively.


  • To support and enable our kura to make significant gains against our local strategy doc, Ko te Rautaki Reo ki Orewa focussing on the four domains
    • Whiwhinga/Acquisition
    • Ngā Whaitua/Domains
    • Whakauka/Sustainability
    • Ritenga/Normalisation
  • To continue to raise the capabilities and remove barriers of teachers in Te Ao Māori (Mātauranga Māori, Te Reo Māori me ōna Tikanga) of our within-school rōpū so that we can better improve our  practice and the practice of the kaimahi in our Kāhui
  • To ensure that in the Kāhui Ako ki Orewa, “all Māori students/akonga (will) have access to high quality Māori language in education” (Ka Hikitia focus area 1) so that they are able to learn as Māori and thus achieve
  • To support and enable teachers/kaiako to meet te ao Māori centred requirements of the NZ teacher standards in order to be fit to teach
    • Specifically support the educational aspirations for Māori learners, taking shared responsibility for these learners to achieve educational success as Māori
    • All of our kura demonstrating a commitment to tangata whenuatanga and Te Tiriti o Waitangi partnership
    • The affirming Māori learners as tangata whenua and supporting their educational aspirations
    • Demonstrating a commitment to a Tiriti o Waitangi based Aotearoa New Zealand
    • Create an environment where learners can be confident in their identities, languages, cultures and abilities
    • Design and plan culturally responsive, evidence-based approaches that reflect the local community and Te Tiriti o Waitangi partnership in New Zealand


  • To explore developing a relationship with mana whenua and find a way forward for local Māori histories to be included in our curriculum
  • To support the creation of a clear ara/pathway for our ākonga as they move through primary school, intermediate and college so that experiences and the quality of instruction is consistent in all of our kura and so that akonga have a clear route to pursuing the learning of te ao Māori through their college years and on to a tertiary level


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