#20 Newsletter 2022

Rāmere, te 26 o te Ākuhata 2022

Competition – Each week we will have a competition. One lucky winner will receive a $20 Millie’s Coffee voucher! It’s simple, just email your answer to kahuiako@orewacollege.nz

Congratulations to     Eleanor Wenmen     this weeks winner! 

This weeks Question: What does the colloquium “E mara!” translate to? 

Have something to share? Get in contact with one of our Across School Leaders – we would love to hear from you!

markralston@silverdaleprimary.school.nz Te ao Māori

l.evans@orewacollege.nz Hauora

jackieboyd@silverdaleprimary.school.nz Future Ready

bodea-bayes@orewaprimary.school.nz 21st Century Pathways

5 Space STEM Activities

Currently planned for August 29th, NASA’s Space Launch System rocket and Orion Spacecraft will soon launch from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida as part of the Artemis program. Here are 5 Space STEM activities to celebrate this launch!

  1. Launch a model rocket or a straw rocket (see photo below)
  2. Design a space lander
  3. Explore the Artemis website for cool NASA activities and check out this trailer.
  4. Create a mission patch.
  5. Design a space suit.

We also invite you to join the Space Club Educator’s Portal for year-round space STEM activities!

Straw Rocket STEM Challenge

Rockets are always a student favorite! This STEM challenge pack includes a paper rocket activity, straw rocket engineering design challenge, handouts on Newton’s Laws and forces, and extension problems on variable testing and graphing. Click for the straw rocket challenge.

Culturally Responsive Pedagogies Reading

Seven principles to effectively support Māori students as Māori

The Education Hub has developed a document Culturally Responsive Pedagogies that outlines the effective practice in the classroom for kaiako which is well worth a read. 

The seven principles are:

Accepting professional responsibility for, and making a commitment to, improving Māori students’ educational achievement

Caring for Māori students as Māori

Developing relationships with whānau and iwi

Transforming power relations in the classroom

Developing discursive and co-constructive pedagogies

Managing classrooms to promote learning

Having high expectations of Māori students and reflecting on learning outcomes and goals with students and whānau.

This document breaks each principle down and explains the ‘Why is this important and ‘What it looks like”.

For example, the ‘Caring for Māori students as Māori’ principle lays out practical steps for caring for Māori tamariki. 

Show that you care by:

Learning to pronounce students’ names accurately.

Treating students and their whānau with respect.

Enjoying being in the classroom with students, and participating with students in a variety of ways in class.

Making an effort to get to know students well. Having regular conversations with students, making personal links with them, and using more personal interactions.

Trying to understand the students’ worlds, as Māori and as children/teenagers. Being compassionate.

Affirming students’ ability.

Ensuring learning environments are spaces in which students feel secure. Being fair and just, friendly but firm.

• Maintaining a sense of humour.

Showing you can be trusted and keeping students’ confidences.

• Giving of yourself and your time.


Come and meet our Hauora Creatures!

The Hauora Team have been working on developing our Hauora Common Language for our Kahui Ako.  We had such an amazing visit from Tai @ I Am Hope last term, that we decided to use some of his wisdom as the basis for our Hauora Language.  

We created slogans to go on bright coloured posters to put around our schools.  These posters promote positive thoughts, actions and values associated with hauora/wellbeing, in our own lives and in our day to day interactions with other people. 

One of our Within School Leaders, Joel Dickinson, took the language and developed our ideas even further – he created our Hauora Creatures. Each of our language/slogans has a creature assigned to it.  He created mini posters and cards which have the Hauora Language and creatures on them.  He also created a poster with three common games to play using the Hauora Creature Cards. 

Click on the picture below to meet our Hauora Creatures.  Great mahi Joel! Kai pai!

What are the BIGGEST Issues In Education, Right Now? 

Lynn How @Teachers tool kit

“Teachers are expected to be pseudo social workers without training or funding”


  1. Targets and pressure on children ‘by expectations’ for assessments
  2. Post Pandemic: ‘back to normal’ for pupils

Pupil Wellbeing and mental health

  1. Increasing behavioural issues in pupils.
  2. Not enough emphasis on wellbeing and social and emotional skills for workplaces and life.
  3. Teachers are expected to be pseudo-social workers without training or funding.
  4. Lack of pupil resilience and increased anxiety in post-pandemic pupils


  1. A crowded curriculum. 
  2. Lack of time to teach a truly balanced curriculum. 
  3. An overly academic curriculum that does not suit a significant proportion of young people.

Teaching and Learning

  1. That we define success around ‘performance’ and not around ‘learning.’
  2. Not spending enough time with the pupils! Despite this being a core purpose of teaching.
  3. Planning lessons takes more time than teaching them.


  1. PISA data suggest that the gaps between New Zealand’s most and least literate students are amongst the largest in the OECD


  1. Alarming results have come from a pilot of new literacy and numeracy assessments for NCEA. 
  2. The pilot demonstrates an urgent need to reform the teaching of literacy and numeracy in New Zealand’s schools.

Post Covid

On-line and blended forms of learning are here to stay. But education has had to shift out of the classroom in the space of two years. It was not and still is not fully prepared to make such a far-reaching change. Key issue – how to ensure quality and high levels of achievement for all. (Stuff  23/01/2022)

Kiwaha o Te Wiki (Idiom)

“Turituri warawara” Blah blah blah

“Two-rde two-rde wah-rdah wah-rdah”

Kāhui Ako Hui Dates – Term Three 2022

1st September – Dairy Flat School – 11am ASL

8th September – Orewa Primary – 10.35am ASL

8th September – Orewa College – 3.30pm WSL

15th September – Wainui Primary – 10.10am ASL

22nd September – Silverdale School – 11.05am ASL

22nd September – Orewa College – 3.30pm WSL

29th September – No Hui

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