#14 Newsletter 2022

Rāmere, te 27 o te Mei 2022

Competition – Each week we will have a competition. One lucky winner will receive a $10 Millie’s Coffee voucher! It’s simple, just email your answer to kahuiako@orewacollege.nz

Congratulations to Ngaire Burrell this week’s winner! 

This weeks Question: What does the colloquium “Kōrero, kōrero” translate to? 

Have something to share? Get in contact with one of our Across School Leaders – we would love to hear from you!

markralston@silverdaleprimary.school.nz Te ao Māori

l.evans@orewacollege.nz Hauora

jackieboyd@silverdaleprimary.school.nz Future Ready

bodea-bayes@orewaprimary.school.nz 21st Century Pathways

What a fantastic Pink Shirt Day / Manaaki Day

Positive messages

Pink pancakes

Pink Shirts


Not just today, but everyday!

Spotlight: Silverdale School 

Nick Bateman discusses how he uses Minecraft with his class to engage his reluctant writers. For more information contact nickbateman@silverdaleprimary.school.nz

I have been using Minecraft for Education in my writing programme over the last two years. I have found this a great way to engage my reluctant writers (especially boys) in creative writing and achieving their writing goals.

As the teacher, I create and host a world into which students can enter into. The students are encouraged to explore the world by taking pictures (in-game camera feature), that interest them or that they would like to base their writing on. Once they have chosen a picture they insert the picture into the (in-game) book feature. They are then able to use a quill to construct their story next to their picture.

These lessons in particular have engaged my reluctant boy’s writers group in creative writing linked to their own experiences. An example of this was when I had one boy that was struggling daily to write, he had minimal motivation and minimal interest in the process. However, once I introduced Minecraft to the class, he was always wanting to jump on and use it for his writing. The jump in and give-it-a-go attitude completely changed and the output produced was a creative piece of writing reflect his ability.

Minecraft for Education is a future focused digital learning tool that enjoys using in the class. I am always looking at different ways to engage reluctant students and this programme can be used with multiple ages and for multiple purposes. I would definitely recommend giving it a go!

Raranga Matihiko have created a fantastic resource base of online activities for introducing a range of coding websites for students. Check out the videos, printables and lessons to support this in your classroom. Start of easy and challenge yourself to use new sites to enhance the learning for your students. Our first highlight is Scratch. Raranga Matihiko have created supporting resources and lesson challenges to use in your class. The coding challenges are sturcutred for beginners, advanced and experts depending on your students capabilities. Check out the link here

To read the next 7 please click HERE

Kīwaha o Te Wiki (Idiom)

“Kōrero, kōrero”

Yeah right! The classic Kiwi saying like in the Tūī advertisement.

Upcoming Kāhui Ako ki Orewa Pōhiri for Staff at Marae

Check out our invitations for the upcoming Pōhiri for all staff who have never been to Te Herenga Waka o Orewa.

It’s been a long time coming and it’s a big moment for us to be able to head back to the marae again.

If you want to get on this waka, let your Maori leader know at your kura and you’re in. No matter how long you have taught in the area, if you have never been then this is for you.

Nau mai haere mai ki tō tātou marae.

Invitation below:

Kāhui Ako Hui Dates – Term Two 2022

2nd June – Wainui School – 10.10am ASL

2nd June – Orewa College – 3.30pm ASL and WSL

9th June – Silverdale School – 11.05am ASL

16th May – Orewa Beach School – 11am ASL

16th June – Orewa College – 3.30pm ASL and WSL

23rd June – Orewa College – 10.15am ASL

30th June – Dairy Flat School – 11am ASL

30th June – Orewa College – 3.30pm ASL and WSL

Other Dates:

New Staff Pōhiri @ Te Herenga Waka o Orewa Marae 9th August/Ākuhata – 3:45pm

Māori Leaders Hui @ Te Herenga Waka o Orewa Marae 11th August/Ākuhata – 9am

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