#03 Newsletter, 2022

Rāmere, te 25 o Pēpuere 2022

Ka Hao 35 – Te Reo Māori Waiata in the Mainstream

We want to celebrate some great waiata Māori ‘making it’ in the mainstream and taking te reo to the masses. One waiata that’s made waves since its release is 35, a collaboration with the Ka Hao Choir and Rob Ruha a well known Māori artist. 

This song is one that’s worth singing along to with your class. It’s on most of the major radio stations and if you don’t already know it, the tune is fairly catchy. Here’s a Lyric version to throw up on your screen when you have a spare 3 ½ minutes to fill. 

KA HAO – HW35 Version (Lyric Video)

Interactive and  Creative Websites

WordArt.com is an online word cloud art creator that enables you to create amazing and unique word cloud art with ease.

Poll Everywhere – is an excellent way to reflect on complex topics or discover shared feelings within the crowd. Invite the audience into your presentation and discover what you can create together.

Word Cloud – A word cloud is a visual representation of words. Cloud creators are used to highlight popular words and phrases based on frequency and relevance. They provide you with quick and simple visual insights that can lead to more in-depth analyses.

Schools E-Sports

Looking for a new competitive way to incorporate Minecraft Education in the classroom? Minecraft Education is  bringing E-Sports to schools. With lessons that encourage collaboration, creativity and critical thinking, this is a fantastic resource to engage students in an online safe collaborative environment.

In this lesson plan are ways to set up an Esports league within your school with key questions asking:

  • What does effective teamwork look like?
  • What are the advantages and challenges of working with others?
  • How can we contribute to healthy competition?

Find more information about Minecraft Esports click here

Are you responsible for digital technology at your school? Do you make or influence the decisions about devices, robotics, PLD, BYOD, online tools and resources, digital portfolios, software, cybersafety, and more?

We invite you to join us at INTERFACEXpo 2022 to help you keep ahead of the latest e-learning trends and developments. Don’t miss this opportunity to not only find out what opportunities lies ahead for your school’s e-journey but also network with the digital learning community.

Register Here

The number of ESOL students in our classes has been steadily increasing over the years.  Supporting their learning in a fully integrated classroom is vital to them not just surviving but thriving. It is our responsibility to meet their learning needs through inclusive practise, however finding useful resources can be a struggle. Here are some helpful links to resources.    Credit to Claire Bailey (In-school Leader)

Online resources to support English Language Learners (for ESOL)

Resources for students
British Council English (for kids)This website has a range of fun activities for younger learners. It has songs, word games, videos, reading tasks and spelling exercises. You can even find printables to use in class. 
British Council LearnEnglish Kids | Free online games, songs, stories and activities for children
Quizlet Students can use Quizlet to make their own vocabulary flashcards. Teachers can also create or adapt existing study sets and organise them into folders or classes. This is really helpful for ELLs when you are starting a new topic. Students love playing Quizlet Live!
Log in to Quizlet
Oxford Picture Dictionary YouTube channelThis YouTube channel has turned the Oxford Picture Dictionary into a series of free videos. Each video focuses on a different theme, showing a slideshow of pictures with the English word spoken clearly at the same time. While these are not the most exciting videos, they’re a great way for beginners to build up an association between sounds, images and words.
Oxford dictionary
Read TheoryRead Theory provides reading comprehension exercises. Students complete a short reading assessment when they sign up and then the site assigns reading passages based on their level of ability. You can set up classes and track the progress of your class and individual students.
ReadTheory | Free Reading Comprehension Practice for Students and Teachers
Lyrics TrainingThis is a great site for learning vocabulary or grammar with songs. The activities are organised by level or genre and there is even an app. You can also make your own activities if you want to focus on particular vocabulary or grammar structures. 
Enjoy Learning Languages with Music!
Resources for teachers
E-Learning TKI: Supporting English language learners through digital technologiesHere you can find strategies and suggestions to help you support ELLs in your classroom through the use of digital technologies . There are heaps of links to online resources grouped by language skill and topic. 
Supporting English language learners | / Inclusive practice
ESOL Online

ESOL Online / English – ESOL – Literacy Online website – English – ESOL – Literacy Online
ESOL Online – ESOL Principles

There are five different pedagogical approaches  to teaching and learning. Each one is slightly different, so teachers can choose which method is suitable for their learners. Often, a combination of these approaches is best. 

  • Constructivist: Learners are actively involved in the learning process, creating their own meaning and knowledge of the material  
  • Collaborative: Multiple learners work together, like in small group instruction, and they all contribute and help each other learn 
  • Inquiry-Based: Students address real-world problems, like in project-based learning, by asking questions and doing further research  
  • Integrative: Using multiple academic disciplines and common language, students engage with cross-curricular material  
  • Reflective: Both teachers and students reflect on lessons, projects, and assessments to see how to improve them in the future 

An example of effective teaching and learning pedagogy in the classroom is using real-world scenarios and problem-solving activities. This approach can give students a new application of skills and a better idea of how this knowledge fits in their lives outside the classroom. Specifically, math classes can use relevant word problems, science classes can incorporate practical experiments and research, and English classrooms can write emails and resumes. 

One of the most powerful pedagogical approaches in the classroom is when the teacher becomes a mentor or coach who helps students achieve the learning goal. Using this strategy, the students can also work together and think, pair, share—using collective skills and expertise to accomplish learning tasks.  

Kāhui Ako Hui Dates – Term One 2022

3rd March – Online – 3.30pm – Across School Leaders & Within School Leaders

10th March Online ASL 9.30am

17th March – Online – 3.30pm – Across School Leaders & Within School Leaders

24th March Online ASL 9.30am

31st March – Online – 3.30pm – Across School Leaders & Within School Leaders

7th April Online ASL 9.30am

14th April No Hui

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