#30 Newsletter 2021

Rāmere, te 29 o Oketopa 2021

Future Ready/Digital Curriculum/Anga Whakamua

The Inter-yeti

‘The Inter-Yeti’ is an awesome digital storybook that has been created as a safe, positive and fun space for children to learn about staying safe online. It covers topics such as online bullying, upsetting & inappropriate content, online grooming, and sharing of private or personal information. It is suitable for children aged 5-11. You can find the link here 

The Eggplant

The Eggplant is a New Zealand drama-crime-comedy that will help young people navigate one of the greatest mysteries of the 21st century – the internet. It is suitable for high school students.

Watch the trailer here

Cyber Up Cert NZ

Cyber Up CERT NZHere you can find some videos in which robots share simple steps everyone can take to protect themselves from cyber threats.  

21st Century Learning/Ako Ināianei Tonu

According to Terry Heick, questions can be extraordinary learning tools.  

In education, we tend to value a student’s ability to answer our questions. But what might be more important is their ability to ask their own great questions–and more critically, their willingness to do so.

The TeachThought Learning Taxonomy is a template for critical thinking that frames cognition across six categories. 

This framework can be used not only as a planning or assessment tool, but to promote students in self-directed learning and self-created questioning and examination. In short, they can use this framework (or a simplified version of it) to create their own questions. 

The Question Game – Instructions

Hauora/Learner Support

Reducing stress: Stress is the response our body has to help us prepare for challenges or perceived threats. 

  • When we’re faced with a challenge, we get a rush of natural chemicals that amplify physical strength and our senses. It is a helpful automatic physical response that can sharpen our senses and physical abilities to deal with immediate challenges. 
  • Too much stress can be harmful. When our stress response is turned on repeatedly, it puts unnecessary strain on our bodies and impacts our ability to think. 
  • If we don’t have the opportunity to recover and calm our body down or turn off the stress response, stress can stay for an extended period of time and may build, so your body never completely unwinds. This may impact both your physical and mental health. 

The Three Rs Learning and practising the ‘Three Rs’ will help you to minimise, manage and recover from stress.

Effective communication Reducing immediate stress allows people to be able to problem solve and better cope with the ongoing demands of the lockdown and COVID-19. 

  • To do this, talking about how people are feeling and what is worrying or upsetting them is crucial. 
  • Clear communication can be simply – “I don’t know right now but we are working on it. What else could help right now?” 

This simple table can help you problem solve, or help someone else to problem solve.

Te Ao Māori – Tiki Town Resouce

With level 3 dragging on we know that finding online content to use with tamariki in the area of te ao Māori is getting harder. 

One awesome resource that is out there is the Tiki Town series on you tube. Not only does the series teach tamariki how to pronounce commonly mispronounced but each episode tells the pūrakau/story behind the place.

All you have to do is press play, watch and learn. Here’s an example of a place close to home that is mispronounced by most Aucklanders, Manukau, Tiki Town Ep19.

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