#26 Newsletter 2021

Rāmere, te 17 o Mahuru 2021

21st Century Learning/Ako Ināianei Tonu

Over the last week I have been reading a lot of different blogs and found a couple worth sharing…


Kit Haines has written a blog post about how we can work WITH people as opposed to for, against or without them.

“The question teachers and leaders need to be asking is not “How can I help?” but rather “How can we work together to support change?” When we do this, we encourage agency from our students and staff, leading to meaningful shifts that are owned by the participant. When we operate in the north-east corner, we encourage real change.”

The Kiwi Teacher ‘How Can I Help?’

Seth’s blog

In this blog Seth looks at the structure of the curriculum as actually preventing a school from working as it should and that a significant shift is overdue. 

He believes that it doesn’t have to eliminate the fundamentals of being educated, but to put them into context.

Seth’s Blog the Modern Curriculum 

Principal Possum 

Maurie Abraham shares his views in this blog on questioning calendar year qualifications to relieve stress and workload and deepen learning in NCEA – Principal Possum

Hauora/Learner Support

Hauora/Well-being is about the person as a whole – physically, emotionally, mentally, socially and spiritually. This is an awesome way for students (and teachers) to really identify and celebrate themselves and their relationships with others.  There is a video and a worksheet available.  What a great way to maintain hauora in these challenging times. 

Click on the Whare above to play video

This printable worksheet is on the website, however the video encourages students to make their own.

Future Ready/Digital Curriculum/Anga Whakamua


Looking for a fun writing activity to do with your students? Thanks to Kristen May from Bitmoji Craze for Educators (Facebook) she has created a great ‘This or That’ 8 minute writing challenge. Feel free to make a copy and make it your own. Link here 


If you are looking for some STEM resources and webinars, the Fall STEMstravagnza (USA based) is available until September 17th (today). Filled with expert discussions and free resources check it out before the promotion finishes. Link

Distance Learning with Google

Google for Education is continuing to provide distance learning solutions, training and resources to help Educators stay connected. Today Google supports schools in New Zealand and around the world by providing Workspace for Education, a free range of productivity tools to enable teaching & learning. These cloud-based tools (which include Google Classroom, Meet, Jamboard, Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms and more) are currently used by more than 140 million teachers and students, and can be used from any device in more than 40 languages

This Google Site is designed to offer webinars, lifestreams, resources and when possible meetups. Check out the site created by Steve Smith from Google Education NZ.

Also available is Google for Education YouTube Channel. Each episode focuses on an important topic for educators, administrators and school leaders.

Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori 

Waka Reo (English)

Waka Reo (te Reo Māori

Kāhui Ako Calendar/Maramataka 

Principal’s Meeting @ Dairy Flat 

Rāpare, te 23 o Mahuru / Thursday 23 September 

Fortnightly Hui @ Wainui School – 3.45pm

Rāpare, te 30 o Mahuru / Thursday 30 September

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