#20 Newsletter 2021

Rāmere, te 30 o Hōngongoi 2021

Kia Ora all,

Welcome back to Term 3. I am guessing everyone has hit the ground running! Term 3 is our time to do this. The Kāhui Ako has also done the same and are now planning right through until the start of 2022.

The collaboration continues to build and develop with our fortnightly after school meetings, based in the schools with all Within School Leaders, Across Schools Leaders and Lead Principals. We continue to meet as school leaders and lead principals each week, rotating the schools we visit. The focus now, is on driving the four focus goals to become meaningful and useful in our respective schools.

The newsletter continues to be the face of our Kāhui Ako as is our leaders!!! Have a great term everyone.

Gillian Bray and Cameron Lockie, Lead Principals 

21st Century Learning/Ināianei Tonu

What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is an approach to learning that focuses on developing children’s creative confidence through hands-on projects that focus on empathy, promoting action, encouraging ideation and fostering active problem-solving within ‘real world’ contexts.

What is the role for design thinking in 21st century education?

Modern society is demanding that students have the skills and the tools to participate actively to manage situations and problems which are increasingly complex. Design thinking takes students further than just finding ‘the right answer’ to problems. It’s a methodology for how to address complex problems to which they don’t know what the ‘right answer’ should look like.

A really good video about using Design Thinking in the classroom 

Design Thinking a handy tool for teachers

Here is a slide that has been used in a class of Year 5’s. Click to view

Click here to view Māori perspective on Design Thinking

Kupu o te Wiki

Sea Shanty Missions (Pronouncing Māori place names correctly)

“JP and Jermaine are back!!! and on a mission to get our Māori place names on point. Yihaaaaaa.”

This is probably not one for your students but a fun way to challenge adults to work on pronunciation. Orewa features as a commonly mispronounced word which is a good wero for us locals.

If you haven’t seen this on the internet, it’s definitely worth a watch.

Hauora/Learner Support

Term Three’s focus is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).   Processing Disorder and Sensory Issues are often elements which affect various levels of functioning in a person with ASD.

Session 1: Identifying signs related to Slow Processing Speed

Memory games can help to increase processing speed, building strength through repetition, similar to building muscle in repetitive gym activity. 

Here are some great examples of repetitive memory games:

Future Ready/Digital Curriculum /Anga Whakamu

The Ministry funded website Kia Takatū ā-Matihiko/Digital Readiness finished up at the end of 2020 after running for three years. Over the last 6 months they have been busy transitioning the resources to a new site available to all kura. The resources help to support teachers in understanding the digital technologies curriculum and the implementation of the digital curriculum in our kura.

The Digital Technologies and Hangarau Matihiko pīkau (toolkits) for both Māori and English medium are now available on CORE Education’s website – 44 pīkau and 4 modules in total!

The range of pīkau (toolkits) are short lessons designed to prepare teachers to teach digital technologies or hangarau matihiko.

This week Netsafe is hosting New Zealand’s first ever Netsafety Week! Designed to Make Aotearoa Safer Online. The internet has played a big role in our lives over the last year and growing our knowledge on how to be safe when online is essential for our students. Netsafe has released a large range of resources to support kaiako and whanau. Resources include: Parent Toolkit, Online Gaming Toolkit, Managing Your Digital Footprint, Being Safe Online.

At the end of the site there are also discussion prompts to encourage discussion around online safety. This is available for kaiako, school leaders and students.

Kāhui Ako Calendar/Maramataka

Rāpare, te 5 o Hereturikōkā//Thursday 5 August @ Orewa Primary – 3.45pm

Rāpare, te 19 o Hereturikōkā//Thursday 19 August @ Silverdale School – 3.45pm

Principal’s Meeting @ Silverdale School

Rāpare, te 2 o Mahuru//Thursday 2 September @ Orewa Beach School – 3.45pm

Rāpare, te 16 o Mahuru//Thursday 16 September @ Orewa College – 3.30pm

Rāpare, te 23 o Mahuru/Thursday 23 September @ Dairy Flat Principal’s Meeting

Rāpare, te 30 o Mahuru//Thursday 30 September @ Wainui School – 3.45pm

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