#24 Weekly Update

Rāmere, te 21 o Hōngongoi, 2020


wickED – Follow this link to a great NZ website homepage. wickED is a quality-assured online environment for young people aged 7–12 years old using digital technologies. You’ll find engaging curriculum-based learning activities in English and te reo Māori here. The activities have a literacy, numeracy or ESOL focus, and students can use the activities in an independent or in a facilitated way. The link here will take you to the interactive page.

Got curious kids? Then visit Brains On! An award-winning audio show for kids and families. Each week, a different child co-host joins Molly Bloom to find answers to fascinating questions about the world. Initially aimed to encourage kids’ natural curiosity and wonder using science and history, but there’s no age limit on curiosity, and episodes of Brains On can be enjoyed by anyone. Follow the link here


Online learning can be tricky and chaotic, or silent and subdued. And everything in between. Whatever your experience is, one thing is certain, online learning differs hugely from face-to-face interaction. Being behind the screen limits the amount of interaction and collaboration that takes place. A fantastic free tool that can change all of that is Jamboard, an interactive whiteboard where teachers can write, draw or plan, and students can either watch or add to the board. Below is a lesson example and short video on how to use this simple yet powerful tool.


What is that one thing that you have been meaning to do or you have been wanting to do? Have you put something off because you just couldn’t find the time or motivation? It’s level 3 and we are back to online learning with lots of screen time, less freedom out there, and possibly that feeling of being a bit lost or unmotivated to do anything for ourselves. Doing something we have wanted to do for a while, or doing something completely new gives us a sense of fulfilment, achievement, satisfaction and gets those happy vibes flowing through our bodies. We are more likely to remain positive, cheerful and motivated if we stimulate our creative side, practical skills, or dive into another world for a while in a good novel.


It is timely that we revisit this resource while we are still in our current lockdown so awareness is there before we return to our kura.


When you are meeting with your students on-line, you can share the picture above and have conversations about emotions and thoughts around this ‘thing’ that is upsetting our normal lives. Reassurance that emotions are normal for us all especially at this strange time. Fear and anxiety grows as a person feels isolated in their experiences but letting students know that it is totally normal to have a wide range of these feelings and thoughts buzzing around our bodies right now.

Suggestions you could give to your students:

  • Have some fun
  • Try something new
  • Play a game
  • Make/ draw something
  • Take some cool photographs
  • Tell a joke to a family member
  • Balance a ball on your head (household competition)
  • Set up a scavenger hunt for your whānau
  • Baking with an adult

Distracting the mind with fun, amusement, laughter, something physical or practical to use a different part of the brain. This helps to compartmentalise the worries, anxieties, fear and confusion surrounding Covid-19 and allows the child to have a “brain break” and stimulate other emotions which are more positive. We all need relief from our thoughts at times.


Will you join our MASK-ARADE?!

In the spirit of using our imagination to power our wellbeing – how about turning mask-wearing into an art form? Have you got a funky mask? Or maybe you’ve dusted off the Bernina and have been sewing up a storm? We’ve decided to celebrate many Kiwis’ new look with a MASK-ARADE! Share a pic of you, your mates or your whānau sporting your masks out and about and you’ll go in the draw to win $200 to spend at HAPA‘s sweet online store of kiwi-made products.


And remember whānau – wearing is caring.

Head to our MASK-ARADE Facebook competition to enter. Good luck!!

COVID-19 appropriate email sign off in te reo Māori

Across our Kāhui, many of you have been using te reo Māori in your automated email sign offs. If you’re wanting to freshen up your email with something appropriate to the times we have added an option below for you to copy and paste:

Noho ora mai, Stay well/safe,


Te reo Māori to use at home

For those of you who want to bring some te reo Māori into your homes or learn something new during level 3, here are some everyday te reo you could try with your own whānau:

For getting your own whānau out of bed

Maranga mai! – Mar-rda-ngar my

Get up!

For getting your own whānau to the dinner table

Haere mai ki te kai!Hi-rde my key teh kai

Come and eat!

Tea or coffee?

He kapu tī māuHeh cup-pu tea maa-ew

A cup of tea for you? (Do you want a cup of tea?)

He kapu kawhe māu? Heh cup-pu cuh-feh maa-ew

A cup of coffee for you? (Do you want a cup of coffee?)

Reply with:

Āe eye





30 July: Meeting at Orewa College all ISLs

6 August: Pōhiri for new staff at marae

13 August: Maths Group Planning Day POSTPONED

13 August: Pōhiri at the marae for all ISLs POSTPONED

26 August: Māori and Writing groups planning half day POSTPONED

27 August: Meeting at Orewa College all ISLs POSTPONED

10 September: Meeting at Orewa College all ISLs

14 September: Meeting at Orewa College all ISLs

15 September: Combined BoT (pōhiri and meeting at the marae)

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