# 17 Weekly Update 2020


Rāmere, te 27 o Pipiri, 2020

Matariki tasks

Here are some activities for both parents and teachers to do with their children during Matariki. Link here

Kupu Breakdown-Saying Happy New Year over Matariki

Matariki signals the start of the Māori new year so it’s appropriate to say, “Happy New Year” or in te reo, Ngā mihi o te tau hou

Sounds tricky but let’s break it down.

Ngā mihi o te tau hou

Ngar mi-he or teh toe ho

Mi as in mint.

He as you would speak of a male.

Toe like the human toe.

Ho the way Santa says it.

We encourage you to give it a go, break it down with your students and learn it together.

Kia kaha tātou. Ngā mihi o te tau hou!

Flipped Learning

Follow the link here to a video presentation from TKI DisruptED on ‘Learning flipped and reimagined’, presented by Carl Condliffe from Rangitoto College.

Writing and Publishing tools

What tools do you use for students to create and publish their work digitally? Technologies can be used to support the writing process and are particularly useful in engaging reluctant writers to develop literacy skills. Writing and publishing tools allow users to write and manipulate text, and select or upload graphics for digital publications. Some that come to mind are Story jumper, Book creator, Story-athon , My Storybook, Comic creator Pixton (has a basic free version). Please let us know if you have any other suggestions for websites that are accessible for students and teachers.

Murray Gadd

You may be familiar with Murray Gadd who is an independent NZ literacy facilitator, teacher and researcher. He has also written Effective Literacy Practice in Years 5 to 8 and has also worked closely on the English sections of the NZ Curriculum. During our online learning at home he produced some YouTube writing lessons to support teachers. Follow the link here to Murray’s Writing at Home videos which have some useful lesson ideas for teaching writing at school or at home. Follow the link here to his website where there are some free resources. A free download is available to an article What is quality writing? and well worth a look. Murray encourages both teachers and students to think about what quality writing looks like. This could be a great activity to do with your students.


We had a good turn out at our last week’s after school meeting for across school moderation in writing. Our initial results found vocabulary was the most inconsistent aspect in our initial assessment results. Analysed results will be shared in next week’s update.

Play Based Learning Part 3 

Lyndy Committee

In Memoriam

Constable Matthew Dennis Hunt

We are all incredibly proud to call Matthew one of our own. He was a student at Orewa North Primary School and Orewa College, his final year of school being 2009. During his time with us, he competed in sports including Softball, Squash and Lawn Bowls, enjoyed Outdoor Education and was a Sheppard House Leader. Matt has always been a wonderful role model. So many students looked up to his kind, caring and encouraging nature. Our thoughts are with his family, friends, past teachers, coaches and police colleagues at this sad time. Thank you for serving us all Matthew. Rest well.

Nicky Clark, Orewa Primary

It is with great sadness that we mourn the passing of a much loved teacher, colleague and dear friend Nicky Clark from Orewa Primary. Nicky touched the lives of so many students in our Kāhui Ako with her dedication and passion for learning. Nicky passed away peacefully on 21 June after a short illness. Our love and thoughts are with her partner Andrew Ellis and daughter Charlotte.

Kua hinga te Totara i te wao nui a Tane

The Totora has fallen in the forest of Tane

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