# 06 Weekly Update 2020

Rāmere, te 20 o Poutū-te-rangi, 2020

  1. Rōpū Pāngarau/ Maths Group: Digital Curriculum Resource

  2. Te Reo Me Tikanga Māori: Mau Rakau

  3. Tuhituhi/ Writing: Moderation form link, student interactive links

  4. Rōpū Taunaki Ako/ Learning Support: Introducing Learning Tools

  5. Pānui ngaio/ Professional Reading or Viewing: Covid-19 Graphics

  6. Ngaio pukapuka kōrero/ Professional Development: Cancellation

Needless to say, this has been a stressful week. Business as usual has been anything but usual. We’ve been listening to our students’ fear and anxiety about what’s going on in the world and their disappointment about co-curricular cancellations. Meanwhile, so many people are dealing with even bigger stresses. Caregivers are facing job uncertainty or potential pay cuts. People who are immunocompromised are facing immense fears as we face a pandemic. And in the midst of all of this, teachers have been a refuge and sense of stability for families. But we are also faced with the stress of schools potentially closing. Are we able to offer online instruction? If so, what would that look like? These are the big ideas which face us today. Two steps we might take are:

  1. Get students to be creative. Get them building and constructing. This might mean they need to use old school duct tape, and combine that with some online research.
  2. Give them an outlet to channel their thoughts. Construct a story book, write a song, devise a video, write and act a play. Or how about designing posters to put up around the home and school based on hand hygiene and how to be a virus warrior…not a virus worrier.

This is summed up in the graphic by John Spencer.

1. Rōpū Pāngarau/ Maths

The maths group is hoping to get together for a couple of hours to work on the promised Digital Curriculum document. The aim is firstly to work through all the pîkau and write short descriptors for each, including the time taken to complete. This comes from the Kia Tākatu website. And then to move onto developing a single doc (with links) that reflects the DC outcomes, in both adult and kids’ speak, with links to relevant resources. We will include lesson ideas and lesson plans. In these uncertain times, we might opt for a virtual meet up rather than a face-to-face one. More details to follow.

2. Te Reo Me Tikanga Māori

Mau Rakau/Taiaha

This year we have been growing a mau rakau group that all of our Kāhui Ako kura have been welcome to send their boys. It has been held on Friday mornings at Silverdale School and runs under the instruction of whaea Lee-Anne Wade. Slowly, week by week, different kura began turning up to learn.

Our boys have been immersed in the traditional Māori marshal art and all of the stories and treasures that come with it. The moves we have been taught focus on defence and self-control. It has been beautiful to see young boys from different kura, holding their heads high, moving as one, showing discipline and a developing thirst for the mātauranga Māori/Māori knowledge. Karakia, mihimihi, pepeha and knowledge of the taiaha itself are all part of the process. When whaea Lee-Anne re-tells stories of warriors training on Makoia Island in Rotorua, our boys’ eyes are fixated on her and you could hear a pin drop.

Sadly, this week we have had to put these sessions on hold as a result of COVID-19 but as soon as it is safe to do so, we hope to reinstate this wonderful program.

3. Tuhituhi/ Writing

This week a link to the form for our writing moderation was shared to our in-school writing focus group leaders. The link can be shared to teachers within your school, completed individually or in teams if you would like to take part in completing the pre-moderation meeting assessment. Assessments need to be completed and shared back to sblackburn@wainui.school.nz by midday Wednesday 25th March. Schools are welcome to use this as part of their own writing professional development in moderation within their kura. You can find the link to the moderation form here.

Online resources for students in writing

The Letter Generator tool is designed to help students learn to identify all the essential parts of a business or friendly letter, and then generate letters by typing information into letter templates.

The cube creator is a fun tool where students can summarise information that helps students synthesise what they have learned. The interactive Cube Creator offers four options: Bio cube – biography /autobiography, Mystery cube – develop outlines for their mystery, Story cube – summarise the key elements of the narrative, Create your own cube – students can customise their own cube for their choice of topic.

Stapleless book creator, an easy to use link. Students and teachers alike can use the Stapleless Book for taking notes while reading, making picture books, collecting facts, or creating vocabulary booklets. Students can choose from seven different layouts for the pages of their books.

Theme poetry – for levels 1 and 2 students. In this online tool, junior students can write poems based on shapes from five different categories: Nature, School, Sports, Celebrations, and Shapes. Within these categories, 32 different shapes are included.

4. Rōpū Taunaki Ako/ Learning Support Group

Introducing Learning Tools

Having a common set of learning tools across our Kahui Ako can enhance the language we use in learning and outcomes for our students. Below is the poster that many of the staff use at Orewa College. Over the next few weeks, a different tool will be introduced, accompanied with an explanation and an activity to learn how to use it.


In order to succeed in our learning, we need to carefully plan our time, resources and who you work with. This tool can help you plan your sessions wisely, making good use of TIME, PEOPLE and TOOLS.

Scenario: In one of your units of work, you have to create a way to display your ideas. There are two reading resources provided for you. You also are given five questions to answer about the reading resources. You will also have to conduct your own research to help you make your poster.

If I was to plan this task I could use the SUCCEED TOOL.

Blank template below – great to laminate and reuse

5. Pānui ngaio/ Professional Reading or Viewing

Here is a link to an open letter written by a microbiologist which makes for a simple yet fascinating read:

I’m writing this letter because I want to reach out to you all about Covid-19. If you don’t know me, I’m a microbiologist. I have spent the last 20 years studying infectious microbes. I work at the University of Auckland where my lab is trying to find new antibiotics – not very useful when it comes to stopping viruses, unfortunately, but something we are in growing need of for other reasons. Full article here.

6. Ngaio pukapuka kōrero/ Professional Development

We have postponed the Digital Technologies PD day at Orewa College on March 26th. If you had registered, you should have received an email regarding the cancellation. We will keep you posted regarding a new date.

To keep up to date, follow us on our Kāhui Ako website: https://orewakahuiako.com/


We will continue to run our meetings until further notice. However, we will be offering alternatives to the face-to-face meetings in the form of video conferencing during meeting times. More details will be sent out via email.

Our website is currently undergoing maintenance. The newsletters are still live, but we are working on the resources. We will let you know as soon as this work is complete.

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