Learner Support


    • We started our journey looking at the Ministry of Education’s Six Point Learner Support Plan and investigate the Learner Support Register for student needs
    • Our next step in 2019 was to form a Learner Support Team and Panel.
    • Our team gathered numerical data across our Kahui Ako to identify our top four needs: ASD Autism, Add/ADHD, Anxiety and Dys (Dyslexia, Dysgraphia etc)
    • Next we developed our own Learner Support Register and continue to refine where required.
    • We developed our method of informed consent and privacy protocol, with the roll out of our first consent letter to all students.
    • This year we used the learner support registers to transition student information from our Primary Schools to the College.
    • It has been a focus for us to provide Professional Development resources for our Kahui Ako staff.  There are a variety of resources which will be available on our website. More extensive resources are being developed for our four main areas of need. 
    • Our next steps are to create links within our local community to enhance our ability to provide for the needs of our students in the most efficient way.LS

Ready-to-use resources can be found by following

Link Here

Any queries, please contact Leanne Evans directly: l.evans@orewacollege.nz

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