#25 Weekly Update

23 August 2019

Rāmere, te 23 o Hereturikōkā 2019

In this week’s update:

  1. An afternoon with Hana O’Regan
  2. Tuhituhi/ Writing: Moderation reminder
  3. Professional reading: Defining culture
  4. Rōpū Te Reo Me Tikanga Māori
  5. Ngaio pukapuka kōrero: Play based learning PLD
  6. Rōpū Taunaki Ako/ Learning Support: Student behaviours
  7. Rōpū Pāngarau/ Maths: Links to Digital Curriculum
  8. Podcast number 6: Finding your passion

1. An afternoon with Hana

Thank you for your attendance at our combined Orewa Kāhui Ako after school hui on the 22nd August at Orewa College, with Hana O’Regan. It was very pleasing to have such a good turnout. Here is a sketchnote summarising the main points. We’ll provide a link to her presentation in next week’s newsletter.

Hana Sketchnote

2. Rōpū Tuhituhi / Writing Group

A reminder to send your writing samples to sblackburn@wainui.school.nz by Monday 26th August, week 6 for our across schools moderation in week 8 of Term 3.

Aspects for moderation: Text type – Information Report

  • Using writing to think and organise for learning
  • Creating texts to communicate current knowledge and understanding
  • Writing meaningful text: vocabulary knowledge

3. Pānui ngaio/ Professional Reading

How do we define culture? Who is responsible for developing one’s culture? What measure and importance is given to an individual’s culture? At what age do we develop a good understanding of who we are and where we are from? What role as educators do we have in acknowledging the culture of our learners? Link to full article here

4. Rōpū Te Reo Me Tikanga Māori

Top tip for normalising te reo Māori!: The more kemu/ games the better!

We’ve said it before but not enough can be said about the power of games to bring te reo Māori into your classroom in a positive way. Here’s one the kids will love.

Engagement tip: Tell tamariki that if they keep trying while sitting you might let them back in the game. Give a few the nod as you play to bring them back to life and you will keep everyone engaged, even if they get out (This works for all games)

Hei Tama Tū Tama (Link)

We introduced Hei Tama Tū Tama at the Kāhui ako in school leaders hui last week and it went down a treat. Introducing this game as a whole class first works well as a scaffold. Follow the link and learn to play it first.

Teacher: “Hei tama tū tama!

Everyone throws down a move and anyone who has the same move as the kaiako sits down.

Play this version and then model the actual game with a student so others can see it in action before giving it a go.

5. Rōpū Taunaki Ako/ Learning Support Group

Let’s look deeper into three main student behaviours. Remember from last week, these behaviours are trying to give us a message. Here are some more specific actions associated with each type of behaviour. As an educator, knowing more about these behaviours helps us to be proactive in the classroom to avoid the opportunity for such behaviours. We can assist in motivation, skill, interest and self belief.

6. Rōpū Pāngarau/ Maths Group

“Earlier this year while wandering through the toy aisle at a store an item caught my attention. The toy, reacted to its surroundings, hurtling itself across the floor with more gusto and louder than the noise from the excited tamariki nearby. It interested me, because I could see the link to Computational Thinking, which sits in the technology learning area within the New Zealand Curriculum. If I were to code it I would break it down. A sensor, reacting to noise. The more noise detected meant more speed moving forward. It seemed fairly accessible for learners, they would be able to grasp the concept behind it. A great metaphor for teaching in some ways – the more that was going on around us the faster we had to move and react.” Interested in reading more about how this links to the Digital Curriculum? Link to full article here

7. Professional Development/ Ngaio pukapuka kōrero

Are you an advocate for or interested in play based learning? Are you passionate about the maker movement or at least intrigued by it? Are you using mobile technologies in your space? Well, what happens when play based learning, hands on making and mobile technology are infused, while having rich literacy at its core? You have engaged and motivated learners who thrive! Come along to this workshop if you want to nurture student led, hands on learning that develops oral language, deep thinking and self efficacy. Register through this link

8. Podcast number 7: Finding your passion


Steve Magness coaches some of the world’s top distance runners and has propelled numerous athletes to Olympic trials, world championship teams, and the Olympics. He has been a featured expert in Runner’s World and the New York Times. When faced with the choice of what to do with our lives, we’re often told, “follow your passion.” Steve believes this advice can be overwhelming, incomplete, and, ultimately, defeating. To learn more, listen to this podcast: Podcast link here

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