#16 Weekly Update

Friday, 7 June 2019

Rāmere, te 7 o Pipiri, 2019

Good workplace mental health awareness, wellbeing and mindfulness is associated with improved staff engagement, reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, workplace harmony, improved morale and higher job satisfaction. Mental health first aid is the help given to someone developing a mental health issue, such as depression, anxiety, stress or help for someone who is in a mental health crisis. In last week’s newsletter we wrote about a workshop offered by Dr Sharon Hoover. She mentioned a day long course based on mental health first aid. This is aid given as a first response until appropriate professional treatment is received or until the crisis resolves. Mental health first aid is most relevant in situations when it is first becoming apparent to others that a person in their family, school or community, is developing a mental health problem.

We are investigating this day course as an option to be offered to our Kāhui ako leaders. Here is a link to read more.

Rōpū Te Reo Me Tikanga Māori

Top tip o te wiki for normalising te reo Māori!: Te reo Māori/ Sign language talk moves

As a way to further normalise te reo Māori and New Zealand sign language in the classroom, Woody Riley and Mark Ralston explored talk moves in both languages. Rather than use made up or conventional talk move actions, we saw an opportunity to expose students to our other official languages in a real world context. Feel free to watch the video and try these out. I found that teaching a few at a time makes it easier for both the kaiako/ teacher and akonga/ students.

Kia kaha, kia maia, kia manawanui!

Video 3: Talk Moves

Talk moves in Te Reo

Tautoko = Agree

Wero = Challenge

Tāpiria = Add on

Whakaaro Hau=New Idea


Rōpū Taunaki Ako/ Learning Support Group

The information and tips below can assist students in the development and engagement of speech. It is aimed at Selective Mutism, however it is also relevant for young speakers who are reluctant or may seem delayed. Also, it can assist at any age where there is a lack of confidence to speak up in a class or group discussion, speak directly to an adult or in a pressure situation where anxiety exists. These points can help us remember to consider the classroom environment we create to facilitate a wide variety of needs, responses and requests.

Rōpū Tuhituhi / Writing Group

Writing moderation

Thank you to teachers who have already sent their narrative writing samples for our across schools week 8 writing moderation. A reminder that samples for our second round of moderation are to be submitted by Monday 10th June. Please see last week’s up date for more details about the set task for assessment.

A moderation form will be sent to all within school leaders by next Thursday 13th June for you to assess against the Learning Progression Frameworks and re-submitted when marked. Results will be discussed at the 20th June after school leaders meeting. Teachers who are interested in this process are welcome to attend.

LPF aspects to be marked against:

  • Creating text for Literary Purposes
  • Vocabulary knowledge
  • Text structure

Rōpū Pāngarau/ Maths Focus Group

We have discussed growth mindset in our maths group, which consists of teachers from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. A growth mindset emerges from the experience of succeeding after applying a strategy with some effort; from overcoming a barrier. How many of our students feel they have a barrier to understanding school based concepts? Engineering small successes is how you get the mindset for more success. Make success the goal; make it seem possible; show that it’s possible and focus on the effort and habits around practising specific learning activities that you’ve worked out will form the path to excellence in your subject. If you’d like to read more, find the link to the article here

Pānui ngaio/ Professional Reading

10 podcasts to change the way you teach:

Here are links to the most listened-to podcasts from TES’ Podagogy series:

Link to podcasts here

Down the Back of the Chair

Looking for a New Zealand based resource catalogue? Have you had a look at this site? Down the Back of the Chair Username and password: SC25

To keep up to date, follow us on our Kāhui Ako website: https://orewakahuiako.com/


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