Weekly Update #13

17 May 2019

Rāmere, te 17 o Haratua

Rōpū Taunaki Ako/ Learning Support Group

Dyslexia has many varied definitions and meanings. This tip box should help you understand how you can help students with dyslexia in your classroom. Remember all strategies you use could help anyone in your classroom – this is called UDL – Universal Design for Learning.

Rōpū Tuhituhi / Writing Group

Writing moderation: Thursday 20th June, 3.30 pm Orewa College. In case you missed it, here are the details regarding this second round of moderation:

At our final Kāhui Ako Leaders meeting at the end of Term 1 we discussed the format for our #2 moderation meeting. Narrative writing was selected with students having an element of choice and agency by selecting their own photo prompt from the examples given. Alternatively teachers could also make the selection. Once we have information of the preferred prompt chosen by the majority of students, we will then select a range of samples on this prompt from across the schools. Our thinking behind providing the photos for selection is so we can see the progression in writing across curriculum levels, of a given idea.

Please contact Sandy Blackburn if you have any queries or would like to use the templates I have created for Wainui School.

Photo prompts enlarged

  • Task descriptor –‘Every picture tells a story. Use your imagination to narrate (tell) a story about the photo.
  • One photo to be selected by either student(s) or teachers from the 3 examples below.
  • No time limits have been set – up to individual teachers. (can be noted in task descriptor.)
  • Time can be given to discuss the prompt, class brainstorm etc
  • Word banks, brainstorms can be used, but noted in task descriptor.


Samples submitted for moderation by Monday 10th June

  • No names or year levels
  • Task descriptor at top with photo included
  • Samples can be hand written and scanned or written digitally
  • Writing can be edited for spelling – (encoding will not be assessed)

LPF aspects to be marked against:

  • Creating text for Literary Purposes
  • Vocabulary knowledge
  • Text structure

Rōpū Pāngarau/ Maths Focus Group

For this week’s meeting we will all be assembling in Orewa Primary’s STEAM room. (That is, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths room.) Although this room is still in the process of being developed, it is functional and we are excited to be able to use this innovative and experimental space. We will be doing some practical maths tasks in our discussion on the LPFs. This will also lead us naturally into a discussion about the digital curriculum progressions.

Rōpū Te Reo Me Tikanga Māori

Top tip o te wiki for normalising te reo Māori!:

Attention Grabbers

All of us have a range of strategies to gain the attention of our students. What a great opportunity to regularly normalise the use of te reo Māori within our kura.

Here are a few that work:

  • Teacher: “Tahi, rua, toru whā”
  • Students: “I aue hī” (E o-way he)
  • Teacher: “Tihei” (Tee-hey)
  • Students: “Mauri Ora!” (Mow-rde ore-rda)
  • Teacher: “Taringa” (Tar-rdinga)
  • Students: “Whakarongo” (Whaka-rdong-or)
  • Teacher: “Tahi, rua, toru whā”
  • Students: “Rima! “

Pānui ngaio/ Professional Reading

Tips for dealing with Dyslexia

This online resource is fantastic. It provides techniques which you can use with any student in your class to promote learning (UDL – Universal Design for Learning) but is specifically helpful for students with Dyslexia. It provides a few tips in an easy, one scroll page format for:

  • Beginner readers and writers
  • Before, during and after reading
  • Oral reading
  • General recommendations
  • Learning vocabulary
  • Connecting sounds
  • Visual defects


Ngaio pukapuka kōrero/ Professional Development

INTERFACEXpo is a free event for people who make and influence the decisions about the direction and implementation of digital technology solutions at their school. To register your interest to attend the Auckland event in 2019, fill in your details below.

Link to register here

To keep up to date, follow us on our Kāhui Ako website: https://orewakahuiako.com/


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