Presenters and conference resources

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Here are links to most of our presenters’ sessions from the conference. Please be mindful when using these resources that they are the intellectual property of these teachers. Feel free to ask permission to use them in a way that suits you best. Alternatively, use them in the form in which they are here.

Lesley Carruthers

Learning Progressions in Mathematics

Cathy Kelton and Simon Bentham

Google slides

Technology in the classroom

Rhonda Beet and Debbie Waller

Link to video

Keeping Reading Alive in your Classroom

Caroline Dunn and Quanita Taurua

 Template here
Pepeha; learn to introduce yourself in Māori

Andrew Ellis, Nicky Clark and Jackie Boyd

Google slides here
DTC – Robotics, STEM

Heather Wigg and Althea White

Google slides
Motivating Reluctant Writers

Lyndy Committie and Fran Earwaker

Google slides

Passionate about Play based Learning

Annie Davis and Sonal Naiker

Padlet link

Anyone can animate

Bev Stuchbury and Leanne Evans

Google slides here
Wheel of Knowledge (WOK)

Sheree McLeish and Margaret Joyce

Google slides here
Progressions and formative assessment

Linda Rubens

Link to slides

(large with videos…download to view)

Everyone can Create

Bridget O’Dea-Bayes and Sharon Mangino

Google slides here
How does Design Thinking help to develop student agency and engagement?

Fleur Knight

Google slides here

Integration and Design Thinking in Community Contexts

Jo Hayward

Link to folder

Making Maths Relevant

Leanne Stevenson and  Sandy Blackburn

Google slides here
Concept based learning – Garden to Table – PEEPs

Matt Harrison

Google slides here

Video here
GOOGLE maps in the classroom

Celeste Sweeney and Sorrel O’Leary

Google slides here

Integrating Te Reo into the classroom

Suzy Carnachan

Art ideas here
Practical Art ideas for the non-practical classroom

Marara Schreurs and Patty Matafeo

‘Culturally responsive pedagogies Māori and Pasifika

Jane Cochrane

Inclusive Education

Richard Wells

Google slides

Communicating visually with Slides and Graphics

Andrea Goodyer

Strategies for helping our kids with dyslexia

Mark Ralston

Google slides here

Strengthening te reo me tikanga Maori in your school, one term at a time.

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