#33 Weekly update




Weekly News Update # 33

30th November 2018

Kāhui Ako Conference ‘19


The timetable for our Kāhui Ako Conference‘ 19 workshops is now complete. We have endeavoured to ensure the vast majority of delegates have their original choices. Those with clashes in the timetable have been contacted and workshops rescheduled. Follow the link to the link to conference timetable for session times.


PaCT Pilot Group

On Wednesday this week teachers from Wainui School, Orewa Primary and Orewa College met with Kerry Upson form Team Solutions. Our focus for the professional development was on assessing using the Learning Progression Framework, discussing principles that underpin judgement making (OTJ ) and entering our data through PaCT.

While we did find the initial sign up and login to PaCT quite cumbersome and complicated, once set up found the entry of data was very simple to follow. We were able to view student reports for parents and teachers available through the tool and how these are useful for defining the next steps of learning and informing teacher practice. Schools involved in this pilot group will make decisions based on this trial if they would like to implement this further in their own school settings for 2019.

Please contact Sandy Blackburn or Linda Rubens if you would like any more information about this.

Four new features released in Progress and Consistency Tool – Education Gazette

The Progress and Consistency Tool released new progress features in October that have been designed to make students’ progress and achievement in relation to The New Zealand Curriculum more visible. Follow the link to see the latest features here Education Gazette

Orewa Kāhui Ako – End of Year update 2018

Below is our end of year update of the Kāhui Ako achievement challenges as set at the beginning of 2018. We have included the outcomes from our goals, as well as next steps for 2019. Our next steps are guidelines to support our futures planning, and may alter as the year progresses in response to our community needs and updated focus areas.


Action Plan updated – Focus Areas:

●      PTC2  – Practicing Teacher Criteria: Inquiry, improvement to classroom practice

●      Writing / Maths: Using Learning Progression Framework (L.P.F.) effectively, alignment of assessment across schools, models of effective practice for all learners, developing and embedding robust moderation programme.

●      Te Reo Tikanga: Identifying our practice from ECE to Year 10. Supporting teachers in their everyday practice, build confidence.

●      Learner Support: Develop a system to identify and share resources and programmes that support teachers to work effectively with learners and their wide ranging needs.

2018 Outcomes 2019 Next Steps

●      Moderation sessions of writing samples to identify base practice / alignment across schools.

●      Continuum in writing moderation designed and shared.

●      Use of a common assessment tool identified – L.P.F. selected.

●      Unpacked L.P.F. framework with within school lead teachers. (writing)

●      Developed / refined Orewa Kāhui Ako writing matrix based on L.P.F. exemplars.

●      Termly moderation meetings held using L.P.F.

●      Initial set up in pilot of PaCT group – trialing in writing.


●      Timetabled PD staff meetings  in our Kāhui Ako schools in 2019 on L.P.F. led by Across School Leaders.

●      Plan termly across the community  moderation sessions /embedding into our practice.

●      Developing the digital curriculum in writing – supporting best practice models.

●      Explore integrated curriculum and design thinking in writing.

●      PaCT pilot – continue to explore the potential of this for our community.


●      Inquire into classroom /school practices in maths.

●      Maths inquiries shared.

●      Use of a common assessment tool identified – L.P.F. selected.

●      Unpacked  L.P.F. framework with within school lead teachers. (maths)

●      Developing Orewa Kāhui Ako math matrix based on LPF exemplars.

●      Maths PLD application completed for funding 2019.


●      Confirm maths PLD – funding accepted.

●      Refine math matrix – trial with moderation. (within school leaders)

●      Establish moderation cycle.

●      Sharing of completed  math matrix  – across Kāhui Ako.

●      P.D. within schools – inquiries shared.

●      Explore maths – digital curriculum.

Te Reo Tikanga

●      Hui with Orewa Kāhui Ako Te Reo Leaders.

●      Korero on school practices/ resources used from years 1 -10.

●      News updates: Te Reo glossary developed.

●      Initial korero on pathways of our learners.

Te Reo

●      Hui – Develop overview of pathways from

Y1 -10.

●      Sharing of resources to support pathways.

●      In school support – Across School Leader.


Learner Support 

●      Otumoetai Learner Support 6 point model explored and shared across schools SENCO’s.

●      Kāhui Ako SENCO /RTLB meetings established.

●      Teresa Rosborough – meeting with all Principals/ SENCO/RTLB to unpack pilot model.

●      Continuum for Learning Support designed and shared.

●      Learner Support register – designed / refined / protocols shared.

●      Northern Presbyterian Support Services – initial meeting to confirm their support to run a  pilot with our community.

Learner Support

●      Continue Orewa Kāhui Ako SENCO /RTLB meetings.

●      Collecting of data: Learning Support register across schools. (termly)

●      Collating of data – re needs. ( termly)

●      Support for schools – working with Northern Presbyterian Support Services Pilot.

●      Development of our own Kāhui  Ako Learner Support model.


●      2018 Kāhui Ako Orewa Conference “Connecting Communities” – workshops run by teachers for teachers in our community. T.O.D.

●      Weekly updates established, Google+ Community page, weekly ACOL meetings, fortnightly COL Leaders meetings, visits to liason schools established.

●      Across school combined BOT /principals  meeting.

●      uLearn 18  &  ‘He waka eke noa!’ conferences  – presenting our Kāhui Ako Journey.

●      Appraisal of ASLP/ ACOL .

●      Appointments for 2019- 2020  ASLP /ACOL positions confirmed.

●      Appoint within school leaders. ( in process)




●      2019 Kāhui Ako Orewa Conference  “Weave the people together” – workshops run by teachers for teachers in our community. T.O.D.

●      Planned staff meeting timetabled for each school – led by Across School leaders each term.

●      Orewa Kahui Ako Principals meetings, community meeting, BOT – 2 x year.

●      Continue Newsletter update , Google + Community links

●      Develop Kāhui Ako website

●      Link newsletter updates to schools B.O.T. (within school leaders to set up)

●      Within School Leaders – Staff meeting time slot / management meeting sharing updates.

●      Sharing of Professional Readings in focus areas – alongside newsletter.

●      School Liaison visits -continue to develop.

●      Set up induction for new team members of the community.


If you know of colleagues who have not yet joined our Orewa Kāhui Ako Community Page  on Google+, please do share this link with them.


Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 10.24.25 AM

Thursday 6th December

Final 2018 Orewa Kāhui Ako Leaders meeting

3:30 – 4:30 pm Orewa College



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