#30 Weekly Update


9 November 2018

Conf'19 Invite

Kāhui Ako Conference ‘19

Please diarise the following date: 29 January 2019. For this conference we have over 25 workshops to choose from. We will email you the description of each workshop today, and a link to a form to fill in your choices of workshops. Please complete the form by next Friday, 16th November. In addition to the workshops, we have a dynamic guest speaker and some entertainment to raise your energy levels. More details to be revealed closer to the time.

Everyone can Create Workshop

Linda Rubens was invited to The Gardens School in Manurewa to do a session on creativity in the classroom. Her session was based on the resources provided by Apple for Education called “Everyone can Create: Photo.” There are four books in the series and they are designed to get students to unleash their creativity. The audience was made up of a range of teachers from ECE right through to tertiary educators. The sessions were dynamic and the energy level in the room was inspiring, given the hectic time of year it is for all of us. PD where teachers become the students is always good as it reminds us what school life can be like for those children in our care.

Pāngarau / Maths Focus Group:

Our own summary rubric of the Learning Progressions in Maths is now complete, thanks to all the hard work of the Maths Focus Group over the last term. There is a link to the rubric here and you might like to have a look. Feel free to make your own copy. The rubric covers levels 1 – 4 of the curriculum and we can use the summary to inform our teaching and planning or to make OTJs.The full Learning Progressions give a detailed overview of how each strand progresses, as students develop their expertise in mathematics. For exemplars of each progression, visit The Learning Progression Frameworks at https://lpf.education.govt.nz/Live/home.aspx. You will need to create a login and then all reading, writing and maths progressions are available to you.

PACT Pilot Group:

A group of teachers from across the schools are going to take part in a trial of the PACT system with their classes next year. PACT uses the Learning Progressions in reading, writing and mathematics to assess and inform teacher OTJs. If you would like to join this group, please contact Sandy Blackburn at sblackburn@wainui.school.nz  or Linda Rubens at l.rubens@orewacollege.nz If you are interested in joining us for some advanced PD, we have a facilitator coming to Orewa College on 28 November. Please let us know if you’d like to join us.


Yesterday we were very pleased to welcome our new Lead Teachers to the Kāhui Ako meetings. Mark Ralston, from Silverdale School, and Leanne Evans from Orewa College. In addition, Matt Harrison and Suzy Carnachan from Orewa College will be joining us. We look forward to having them on board.

Ngaio pukapuka kōrero / Professional Reading:

A very interesting reading from the Ministry of Education website about what cultural narratives are and how to embrace them within your community:

Link to Cultural Narratives

If you know of colleagues who have not yet joined our Orewa Kāhui Ako Community Page  on Google+, please do share this link with them.




  • Reflections on ‘He waka eke noa!’ Kāhui Ako Across School Leaders conference.


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