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Rāmere, te 17 o te Noema 2023


Orewarewa whenua, puāwai māhuri

On the fertile ground of Orewa, the sapling blooms


Competition – Each week we will have a competition. One lucky winner will receive a $20 Millie’s Coffee voucher! It’s simple, just email your answer to [email protected]


Congratulations to   Anna Robson   this week’s winner! 


This Week’s Question/Pātai o te Wiki: What does the kīwaha/colloquium 

“Mā te aha i tēnā whakaaro” translate to? 


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Its that time of year again – Reports!

This year try to integrate some of our Te Reo Māori praise comments into your report comments. It’s a great way to connect with whānau.

Link to doc

Reo Māori Resources

Upskill yourself with a range of posters and phrasebooks that can be used for everyday tasks! Check it out here.

Created and produced by Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori.




Enterprise Projects at Wainui

The Year 7 and 8’s at Wainui have been working hard to produce a product they can sell at Christmas in The Country. This is a unit we complete with our year 7 and 8’s every year, it has great opportunity for integration with all curriculum areas- especially maths, visual art, technology and literacy. 

The students begin brainstorming in groups for potential ideas of products they can make and sell at our annual Christmas in the Country. They have completed learning in Garden to Table and technology this year and the hope is they can transfer some of these skills to their projects. 

After they have explored their options and looked at costs and what they can potentially sell their product for, to ensure a profit, they then deliver a 1-minute elevator pitch (similar to the Dragons Den) to the group. This allows the teachers and students to ask questions and make sure their ideas are viable options.

Once we are certain the product can be made and sold for a profit, the group then designs a logo, price tags, label, poster to promote their product and business card. We use CANVA to create these items. 

The groups then used Tinkercad to design a 3D business card holder. These will be printed on the school 3D printers, (once completed) and must have connections to their “business.”

Part of the process also involves the students designing a web page to promote their business, with prices and images of their products. 

These pages are all put together on one website. The link is given to the school community. This enables presales and orders to be completed via email- directly to the students. 

They then create a QR Code, they attach this to their poster which directly links back to the website.

The website for this year is not quite completed so this link is to last years website to give you an idea of what the students created.

The connections to technology and authentic real experiences are amazing, this is what our students look forward to all year!!!


Often when working with students I forget about all the awesome things that are available, often looking for the next thing to teach or share. However, during our Sun, Moon and Earth projects, I had two students who decided they wanted to write a story and publish it using the book creator App. This was a great opportunity to revisit previously learned skills and develop new ones.

First, the students had to write their story in their writing books. This gave them a direction and an opportunity to focus on what they wanted to create and show.

Next, they were able to create their story using the book creator app. This took some adjusting, how to type, insert images, and create new pages. All things we had learned before, but having not revisited we needed to consolidate.

The students were then able to create and adjust their story as input the information. As with any piece of writing iteration after iteration improved their creation. Once they had completed they were able to present their book to the class.

In review, the students loved being able to create their own book that they could take with them and share with their families. The students in the class loved their story and gave positive feedback. 

This was a great opportunity to revisit, consolidate and give opportunity for students to guide their own projects in the direction they wanted.




Thinking of Upskilling?

Google Educator Certification allows you to learn all about using Google apps and tools in the classroom. This is a great investment for your learning and in turn your students learning. The course can be completed at your own pace, and when you’re ready you complete a 3-hour assessment. Which includes multichoice questions and activities to complete using the skills learned on the course. Check it out here







Continuing our digging into The New Zealand Mental Health Education document.

Mental Health Education is not limited to just curriculum teaching and learning.  It is encompassed in the culture, community and connection of our kura and their communities.

In the teaching and learning of Mental Health Education in your school, use the key competencies. These skills and competencies will assist our tamariki and rangatahi to thrive.

To view more clearly click here





Cindi Meyer from Orewa Beach School shares about using the Progression in Action Resource


I have been looking at the NZ Histories Curriculum and feeling a little overwhelmed as to where to start and how to pull resources together.  Where do you begin to look, how do you integrate and how do you make sure it stays authentic?  

Our topic for Yr5/6 at Orewa Beach School this term has been ‘The Big Outdoors.’  It touches on environment, conservation and sustainability.  

In my search for resources I discovered this document, called Progression in Action .  It covers an example of a concept plan for Phase 1 (Yr1-3) and Phase 2 (Yr4-6)

It took me step by step through the UKD concept, how some of the big ideas can be applied  and how it could look in ‘action’ in the classroom.   This became my focus document as I  worked through the first few weeks of term. 

It was great timing with the elections, combining history and current events.  We read and discussed the online resource linked in the document:  ‘The Vote’ https://www.parliament.nz/media/9766/te-po-ti.pdf 

The story takes place in parliament, with a focus on the ban of single-use plastic bags. It considered opposing viewpoints, debating these and ultimately voting to implement change.

The Topic plan included some great integration ideas including a statistical survey. 

As a class, we used the opportunity to delve into debating. It was a great opportunity to consider opposing points of view on environmental topics and the students got to vote on the viewpoints that were most convincing.  

It led to a strengthened focus on persuasive language, teamwork and developing strong, logical arguments. 

In the upcoming week we will be using these skills to write to our principal or local council on matters students have brought up as important for our environment. 

This is a great resource for applying the Histories curriculum.  It really does help see the ‘Progression in Action.’ 



Kāhui Ako Hui Dates – Term 4 2023


30th November – ASL – Orewa Primary @ 10am – WSL – Orewa College @ 3.30pm

7th December – ASL – Orewa College @ 10am – WSL – Orewa College @ 3.30pm

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