#32 Newsletter 2021

Rāmere, te 12 o Noema 2021

Hauora/Learner Support

As we prepare to return to school, despite the joy of seeing friends again, students and staff will face the challenge of readjusting to the school environment, sticking to a timetable, social interactions and not being able to go to the fridge whenever they want. There will be higher levels of anxiety, which can be heightened by the barrage of TV and social media.  For many teachers, the thought of trying to social distance 30 children in their classroom, manage their wellbeing and provide activities is daunting.  

Wellbeing is at the forefront of importance as we return to school.  Here are 10 ways which can help teachers ease their students back into the classroom, with their hauora/wellbeing at the forefront. For the full article click here

Click here to find out more for each of the points below

21st Century Learning/Ako Ināianei Tonu

 Just accept the work.

You can reiterate why you need the work completed and leave it up to the student whether to do it or not. 

You can hand it back for completion. 

THE BEST ANSWER? The key here is to hand the assignment back immediately.

Once students hand you half completed work and you hand it back immediately for completion, and this happens a couple of times, an amazing thing happens: students learn not to hand in incomplete work. I say, “I can’t accept incomplete work.”  

Ultimately, incomplete work doesn’t really give us anything. It’s important to keep the dialogue open with students about why you’re doing what you’re doing and to have a clear understanding of expectations. I tell my kids all the time that I want a complete picture of their abilities and most of the time they’re willing to give it.

Heather Stocker

Future Ready/Digital Curriculum/Anga Whakamua

2021 Hour of Code:Timecraft

Announcing the 2021 Hour of Code: TimeCraft!! A Time Culprit has been revisiting important historical moments of human achievement and altering them. With the power of code, you can travel back in time to fix these mysterious mishaps! Choose your own coding language – either block-based coding with MakeCode or text-based coding with Python for a challenge. Travel back in time to connect with great innovators and inventions in science, architecture, music, engineering, and more, and learn that CS is truly everywhere, and for everyone!

Try this login-free lesson for Windows, Mac, iPad, and Chromebook today at aka.ms/HourofCode2021!

Survey Request

From 2022, Aotearoa New Zealand’s histories will be taught in all schools and kura as part of the social sciences learning area.

Gamefroot are running some independent research around this shift to gauge whether teachers are ready. We seek your feedback to help us understand if our R&D around digital tools to help teachers deliver this learning area is on the right track.

Every resource Gamefroot make, we try and integrate multiple learning areas e.g. DT and Literacy or DT and History.

This new suite of resources is an evolution of our thinking and is about helping bridge the gap between teachers who embrace Digital Technology (us) and more apprehensive teachers that are still unsure. In that sense this is very much about digital fluency meets social sciences.

Please follow the link to fill in the Google Form to offer your feedback.

Te Ao Māori – Hauora Teaching Resource/Lesson.

Some of our clever kaiako have made up a hauora lesson with teacher notes to be used over the first week back onsite. It based around Mason Durie’s Māori health perspective, Te Whare Tapa Whā. 

The lessons are come with teacher notes and have audio files to help with pronouncing tricky words. There is a short lesson each day that cover one of the tapa/walls of the whare and a supporting activity/video to help make it as easy as possible. It’s literally, put it up, have a chat and play.

Here’s the link to the lesson.

Here’s the link to the teacher notes.

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