#23 Newsletter 2021

Rāmere, te 27 o Hereturikōkā 2021

Hauora/Learner Support

Lowering stress and anxiety during Covid-19 Lockdown

4Top tips:

  • KISS principle Keep It Simple Smiler
    •  keep work tasks manageable and achievable to maintain success and motivation, short rather than long, half day rather than full day
    • Clear, simple, step by step instructions
    • Talk less, have students show instead
  • Ask the important questions
    • How are we all doing?
    • What is something cool you have achieved today?
  • Have some fun
    • Make an online treasure hunt
    • Create a cartoon
    • Tell a funny joke or story
    • Throw a ball outside with a family member
    • Challenge your family to a bake off
  • Normalise as much as possible
    • It’s okay to feel a bit anxious
    • It’s okay to feel a bit unmotivated
    • It’s good to have some family TV or game time
    • It’s good to have some alone time
    • It’s good to tell someone how you feel

Remember to Look, Listen and Link:

Look for signs of distress / anxiety / lack of motivation

Listen for words indicating distress / anxiety / lack of motivation

Link with people and resources (family, teachers, Deans, school counsellors, information)

Future Ready/Digital Curriculum/Anga Whakamua

Webinar: Free Digital Tools for Learning

Would you like to get hands-on with some free, online, digital tools that can help your learners get creative in fun and inspiring ways? These webinars are available today. Link

Online Activities to Support Learning at Home

Google Drawings – Self portraits!

  1. Create a Google Drawing and create your own self portrait using the drawing tools.
  2. Practice your skills first- complete this pop art lesson here!

Digital Music – use these tools to create some beats! 



Blob Opera

Google Earth – Explore our world!


Our planet is changing – watch it!

Explore Google Earth.

Grab the helm and go on an adventure!

The world’s most detailed globe

Create stories and maps!

Digital Art – use these tools to create some digital art!

Make silk art:

Make sand art:

Make art like Jackson Pollock:


Draw and see if the computer can guess:


Draw a stickman:


Gamefroot – Stop the Spread

  1. Go to Gamefroot

Click “start creating” and have a go at building your own game!

Bonus: Login in and access the: ‘COVID-19: Stop the Spread’ game tutorial.

Reference – Digital Circus on Facebook 

21st Century Learning/Ako Ināianei Tonu

Thinking about the Curriculum and delivering it during a Lockdown is challenging. 

Student agency, or a students’ ability to make key decisions about their learning experience, is an essential aspect of  home learning. 

Student agency requires that we design our lessons to offer students meaningful choices. These choices can help us universally design learning experiences that strive to remove barriers (such as distance) and invite students to decide how to engage with information, make meaning, and demonstrate their learning.

The simple Choice Board offers this.

John Spencer talks about the different levels of Student Agency. Choice often exists on a spectrum from teacher-directed (less autonomy) to student-directed (more autonomy). 

The following graphic is a continuum of choice menus with four different levels.

Here is a quick video that might be useful in your thinking around this. Using Choice Boards and Playlists for Student Agency in Distance Learning

A Māori Language Moment 2021

As part of this year’s Te Wiki o te Reo Māori, celebrated in Week 8 of this term, the Māori Language Moment is back. he general idea is that on Tuesday 14 September/Rātū, te 14 o Mahuru people and groups such as kura will stop at 12pm in unison to do something that celebrates te reo or Māori culture.


It can literally be anything such as reading a book, singing a waiata, playing a Māori game/kemu, basically anything you can do with a class of tamariki. Regardless of where we’re at with lockdowns or levels there is something you could do with your class.

We encourage you to sign up following this link and take part and together we can help get Aotearoa to the 1 million participant organisers are hoping for. Last year they sent some great resources to teachers who signed up too.


Kāhui Ako Calendar/Maramataka 

Fortnightly Hui @ Orewa College – 3.30pm

Rāpare, te 16 o Mahuru / Thursday 16 September 

Te Wiki o te reo Māori

Rāhina, te 13 ki Rātapu te 19 o Mahuru / Monday 13 to Sunday 19 September 

Tū Māia Kapa Haka Festival

Rāmere, te 17 o Mahuru / Friday 17 September

Principal’s Meeting @ Dairy Flat 

Rāpare, te 23 o Mahuru / Thursday 23 September 

Fortnightly Hui @ Wainui School – 3.45pm

Rāpare, te 30 o Mahuru / Thursday 30 September

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