#05 Newsletter 2021

Rāmere, te 19 o Poutūterangi

NZ Curriculum – National Resources

TKI has put together a year overview to highlight national days and weeks of importance. They explain how these events link to The New Zealand Curriculum and provide ideas, resources, and tools to help schools get involved. Follow the link here to access some excellent resources across our curriculum and year levels.

Online resources

Writing Sparks is a free online resource that teachers and students can use to inspire creative stories, news articles, poems and opinion pieces. Free resources/ templates are also available.

This is a great website where teachers share helpful and interesting information with each other. Follow the link here to access individual reading comprehension activities, teachers lounge, resources and teaching ideas.

Writing Competition

NZATE has announced the 2021 NZATE Youth Writing Competition. This year, they’re looking for the best student flash fiction from around New Zealand. They’re seeking writing of 300 words or less. Students can submit on any theme.

Entries close on the 9th of July, end of Term Two, and the top three entries in each category will be published in English in Aotearoa, as well as receiving prize money for themselves and their schools. There are three categories from Years 7 to 13. More information can be found in this link.


Are you interested in the latest trends, ideas and innovations in e-learning, and what these will mean for you and your school? Want to keep one step ahead of the technology wave?Join INTERFACEXpo 2021 to learn more about where your digital journey will take you next. The event is free for school educators to attend. The day itself is a mix of presentations, workshops, an exhibition, and networking. You’ll come away with ideas and inspiration for what opportunities lies ahead, and specific information on how to implement these. Plus, after the COVID-impacted year we’ve had, it’s the perfect chance to catch up with the wider digital learning community.

AUCKLAND, at The Trusts Arena, Henderson, on Thursday 27 May

Sign up as quickly as you can, as places will fill fast. To book your spot click the links above or visit interfacexpo.nz/register2021/ to find out more.

Examples of workshops include Maths-Whizz

How can we take live learning data, put that into context, and from that, gain insight (and as a result, measurable gains in student progress and achievement) using 21st century digital learning tools. This workshop will look at barriers facing today’s educators, and the use of data continually produced as students learn to reduce teacher workload and accelerate student achievement. It will use a commercial product ‘Maths-Whizz’ as the platform that delivers to student progress and achievement data.

Presenter: Ross Perkinson: Ross is an ex secondary school teacher with over 31 years’ experience in the classroom, and more than a decade as a HOF Mathematics.

Engaging different ages and abilities

Story Space is a brand new short story podcast by Mick (NZ), Matt and Kev (UK & Canada).

Watch this promo of the 3 guys who have started Story Space

Fun voices, sound effects and lots of fun for all learners – a great way to reach unmotivated boys, low ability readers, short attention readers. They can listen and enjoy!

Click here to open Story Space in Spotify

Click here to open Story Space in Apple Podcasts

Students feel they fall short

So often students can feel despondent when they get low test scores and grades. They believe that’s how the adults in their lives view them. Even if they fall short in tests, there are so many aspects to each individual which can and should be nurtured and celebrated. The confident, self assured students are the ones who have all their qualities recognised by the adults in their lives.

Build the skills

Build the characteristics

Build the person

Kupu o te Wiki – Taihoa

This week we have two kupu, an old classic that can be applied within a kura.

Taihoa (Tie-hor-ah) Wait/Wait up/Hold on.

This is perfect if your students are walking off too quickly and you need them to wait. The tone in which you say it will help them now what you are meaning.

E.g. “TAIHOA!” WAIT! If said with urgency or gusto

“Taihoa.” Wait up. If said in a friendly/ calm manner

It’s a great one to use if students are eagerly racing away from you to get their work done before an instruction is given.


Team New Zealand

aboard Te Rehutai!

Congratulations to Team New Zealand!

A possible analogy to use with students: Te Rehutai had all the latest technology and innovative engineering on board. But it still took meticulous planning, teamwork and leaders making snap decisions to get over the line.

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