#23 Weekly Update


Rāmere, te 14 o Hōngongoi, 2020

Auckland goes into level 3 lockdown

The most important message we’d like to send out to our community, as we face this uncertain future, is to put your health and the health of your family first. Whether this lockdown ends on Friday at midnight as reported, or we face a longer stretch, we know what to do. It is the small things we can do to keep ourselves and others safe, and that helps us hold on to a small but important sense of control:

  • practise good hand and face hygiene
  • keep track of we’re you’ve been
  • stay at home if you are sick
  • physical distancing
  • wear a mask

OC staff making masks

If you’d like to make your own mask, follow this easy tutorial

Or if you prefer a no-sew option

New kaiako pōhiri at the marae

Last Thursday, the 6th of August, we went to our marae, Te Herenga Waka o Orewa, to formally welcome our new kaiako to the area. We met after school and began the special process of becoming a part of the marae. It was amazing to see new kaiako turn up, keen to build ties to the marae and te ao Māori.

It was great to see the change from a few years ago where we had very few speakers from our kura to Thursday where we had people who had upskilled their reo and were able to kōrero confidently.

Introducing Learner Support Managers (LMS)

Our amazing Learner Support Managers (LSMs), ORS facilitators, and Heads of Learner Support are always working behind the scenes to assist our priority learners, learners with additional needs, teachers and whanau. Their roles include a great deal of collaboration, paperwork, applications, referrals, strategic decisions, budgeting, specialist work with students and staff, planning and diverse thinking.

Meet our Orewa Kāhui Ako LSM

How to Teach Remotely with Padlet

Learn how to teach remotely with Padlet, an online bulletin board where students can have interactive conversations, show their thinking, showcase their work, and much more.

Kāhui Ako Meeting Dates

30 July: Meeting at Orewa College all ISLs

6 August: Pōhiri for new staff at marae

13 August: Maths Group Planning Day POSTPONED

13 August: Pōhiri at the marae for all ISLs POSTPONED

26 August: Māori and Writing groups Planning Half day

27 August: Meeting at Orewa College all ISLs

10 September: Meeting at Orewa College all ISLs

14 September: Meeting at Orewa College all ISLs

15 September: Combined BoT (pōhiri and meeting at the marae)

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