Maths and Digital Curriculum

Timeline summary

  • We started by looking at the maths learning progressions (LPF)
  • Next we evaluated the individual maths programmes run by each school
  • We introduced the 2020 Digital Curriculum and looked at ways of implementing this curriculum. This is tricky given the variable nature of tech use in the six schools.
  • This is our current focus. We are working hard at refining and producing an easy to access document which has both the progress outcomes, as well as resource linksMaths


A brief summary of what we have covered as a group with regard to the Digital Curriculum

1. Complete the Pikau/ DC Toolbox spreadsheet

2. DC POs quick overview sheet: helpful overview and links

3. Robotics discussion and demo: sharing expertise and equipment

We are pleased to share the following resource link here. This spreadsheet will help with giving you an overview of the digital curriculum, with NZC levels and links to lesson ideas. In addition, here is a blank planning sheet.

Any queries, please contact Linda Rubens directly:

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