Combined Board Meeting: 2019 Term 1

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On Thursday, 6 March 2019, we held a meeting for our combined Boards of Trustees. This had a dual purpose. The one reason was to meet with Ministry of Education representatives to discuss the proposed site of a new school in our district. The second reason to meet was to introduce the Kāhui Ako leaders to the BoTs. One of the clear sentiments expressed at the property meeting was the power of a combined approach. The ministry responded to the Kāhui Ako appeal for a meeting and this gave us a real sense of our community standing in solidarity together.

This meeting also gave the leaders of the Kāhui Ako a chance to discuss the overview for 2019. We discussed the proposed plans for each focus group, as well as a discussion about our visits to individual schools. In addition to this, we shared our website and reminded board members of our weekly newsletters. This is our way of connecting with our community, sharing professional learning opportunities, and keeping people abreast of developments within our Kāhui Ako group.

Kāhui Ako Conference ’19

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We are well on our way with the organisation of the conference. The teachers who are  running workshops are hard at work with their presentations and some have even got to the point of inviting a critical friend to review their work. Most of the workshops are based on teacher’s own inquiries which means there should be an authentic ring to them. We are incredibly pleased to have Marcus Akuhata-Brown on board to do our keynote address. And we even have some entertainment lined up to lift some potentially  sagging energies.

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In 2019 we will run 24 different workshops, 43 in total, by teachers, RTLBs and local marae leaders for teachers in our community.Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 2.14.19 PM

We will add all their resources after the conference.