#23 Newsletter 2022

Rāmere, te 21 o te Oketopa 2022

Competition – Each week we will have a competition. One lucky winner will receive a $20 Millie’s Coffee voucher! It’s simple, just email your answer to kahuiako@orewacollege.nz

Congratulations to   Mel Pollard    this week’s winner! 

This week’s Question: What does the colloquium “Tino kino te reka” translate to?

Have something to share? Get in contact with one of our Across School Leaders – we would love to hear from you!

markralston@silverdaleprimary.school.nz Te ao Māori

l.evans@orewacollege.nz Hauora

jackieboyd@silverdaleprimary.school.nz Future Ready

bodea-bayes@orewaprimary.school.nz 21st Century Pathways

Useful Videos For Teaching Kupu/Words 

Video for teaching us adults/pākeke tikanga Māori 

For adults who have always wondered things like, “Why Māori don’t wear shoes inside?” or “Why it’s not OK to sit on tables?” There’s a guy putting out content online that explains all of your tikanga questions. Just beware, it’s not something you’ll want to play in your students/ākonga. He’s also blowing up on tik-tok, so keep an eye out for his content.

Here’s some content for the tamariki/kids

Oranga Tamariki put out a few videos that are tino useful for teaching and learning basic kupu/words plus the kids in the videos are pretty cute. We thought that we’d just drop them here for you to learn yourself or as a resource for teaching these to your tamariki.

There’s one for whānau:

Another for hangarau:

10 Wellbeing apps for adults, children and teens

Link to more information about All Right?

Link to more information about Bite Back

Link to more information about Breathe2Relax

Link to more information about Happify]=rfc 

Link to more information about Manaakui Ora

Link to more information about SuperBetter

Link to more information about Aunty Dee

Link to more information about Sparx

Link to more information about Whitu 7 Days in 7 Ways

Link to more information about Mindshift

Te Mātaiaho – the refreshed New Zealand Curriculum is now available for submissions. 

Between 28 September – 2 December, have your say on Te Mātaiaho | the Draft Curriculum Framework, the draft English and Mathematics & Statistics learning areas and the draft implementation supports

If you haven’t already – register here for webinars on Te Mātaiaho, English and Mathematics & Statistics. These are open to all school leaders and teachers.

Once you’ve registered for a webinar, your school will receive a hard pack of everything you need to bring the information back to your staff to facilitate a staff room session. Following this, you will have the opportunity to complete a survey giving your school’s feedback on the draft content. But if you can’t make any of the webinars –  the surveys are publicly available for you to have your say. There is also a survey for the public and a survey for young people, so that whānau, communities, ākonga, and members of the public can all have an opportunity to get involved in this important mahi. 

Surveys for school leaders and teachers

You can choose to answer as many surveys as you wish:

Survey for everyone

Survey for our whānau, communities, and members of the public:

Survey for young people

Survey for young people wanting to have their say:

Digital Progressions

Over the last two terms Kāhui Ako ki Orewa, Future Ready group, has been developing Digital Progressions. These progressions link to the Digital Curriculum and are designed to be integrated into current learning programmes. Some of the progressions can be taught in isolation, however, the goal of the Future Ready group is that the progressions will be integrated.

The progressions have been broken down into Year levels:





They are designed to align with the Curriculum Refresh and are scaled to transition students from one progression to another. 

Over the next term, we will be sharing resources linked to the progressions and are currently trialling a digital platform to access resources linked to each progression. If you would like to be involved you can email jackieboyd@silverdaleprimary.school.nz or speak directly to your Within School Leader for the Future Ready group.

Computational Thinking Digital Progressions

Designing and Developing Digital Outcomes Digital Progressions

Kīwaha o Te Wiki (Idiom)

You’ll have to watch the video for this week’s kīwaha/idiom

Kāhui Ako Hui Dates – Term Four 2022

27th October – Orewa College 10.15am – ASL

3rd November – Dairy Flat 11am – ASL and WSL

10th Novemeber – Orewa 10.35am – ASL

17th November – Wainui 10.10am – ASL and WSL

24th November – Silverdale 11am – ASL

1st December – Orewa Beach 11am – ASL and WSL

8th December – No Hui

15th December – No Hui

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