#19 Newsletter 2022

Rāmere, te 12 o te Ākuhata 2022

Competition – Each week we will have a competition. One lucky winner will receive a $20 Millie’s Coffee voucher! It’s simple, just email your answer to kahuiako@orewacollege.nz

Congratulations to  Julie Cooney this weeks winner! 

This weeks Question: What does the colloquium “E mara!” translate to? 

Have something to share? Get in contact with one of our Across School Leaders – we would love to hear from you!

markralston@silverdaleprimary.school.nz Te ao Māori

l.evans@orewacollege.nz Hauora

jackieboyd@silverdaleprimary.school.nz Future Ready

bodea-bayes@orewaprimary.school.nz 21st Century Pathways

Pōhiri and Hui 2022

This week, the Kāhui Ako ki Orewa have had the honour of going to te Te Herenga Waka o Orewa Marae together on two occasions. On both days, Tamanui-te-rā shone down on our Hāpori.

Tuesday’s pōhiri was an exciting time. Those of us in attendance were blown away by the growth in knowledge amongst our kaiako and kaimahi. We had 5 speakers who stood and delivered a mihimihi to the haukainga (People of the marae). We sung waiata together, shared karakia, stood and introduced ourselves as part of the whakawhanaungatanga process and ate some incredible kai. The change that we have seen since we first came as a Kāhui only a few years ago was amazing. Everyone who was there was able to deliver a pepeha in te reo Māori and with confidence. 

This growth is a credit to the hard work of our people. Our people have personified the whakataukī, “Kaua e mate wheke, e mate ururoa.” We will continue fight/work for Te Ao Māori like the ururoa (Great White Shark).

On Thursday 11, our leaders attended a half day of workshops where tumuaki/principals in attendance led from the front, getting stuck into the day’s mahi, paving the way for their kura to follow their lead.

One of our new kura, Ahutoetoe School, joined us on the journey and together we created a proverbial saying/whakatauākī unique to our rōpū/group. Following this, we shared kai and moved on to the job of critically assessing the progress of each kura against our own local language strategy, Ko te Rautaki Reo o te Kāhui Ako ki Orewa.

Together, we looked back in order to move forward. A massive mihi to Darren Hohepa, Kereama, Trish and the Nātana whānau, Amanda Mcglashan, Pip Speedy and the ringawera on the day for making these events possible and for the mahi you do to keep this taonga alive.

Teacher Wellbeing/Hauora is a TEAM effort

Damages Teacher Wellbeing/Hauora:

  • Feeling the need to compete or prove yourself
  • Judgemental leadership at any level
  • Over working 
  • Creeps into family time
  • Face value “how are you?”
  • Sudden Changes
  • Irregular change of expectations
  • Unsupported in departments/teams
  • Left out of the conversation
  • All on one set of shoulders

Builds and Supports Teacher Wellbeing/Hauora:

  • Inclusiveness – everyone has something to offer and is valued
  • Respectful, building, ‘alongside’ leadership at all levels
  • Prioritise, weigh up value
  • Setting limits and boundaries for evenings and weekends
  • Actively inquire and actively listen
  • Provide clear reasoning and steps for change
  • Notice of effort and feeling of appreciation
  • Everyone in the loop / included in the conversation in departments/teams
  • Information is transparent
  • Share the load, take responsibility for your part

Here is a school’s wellbeing/hauora guide. You could think about promoting similar in your school/kura.

Amanda Simpson from Creokit writes about her experiences with the Caine’s Arcade movement of innovation. Read the amazing story below.

Cardboard: The start of something wonderful

Written by Amanda Simpson

Back in 2018 I found a story about a boy called Caine who inspired me with his innovation using only cardboard. He was the very definition of invention and design thinking. In Caine’s own words he struggled in school, he was not a “good learner” but he knew he loved art and making things and when he was 9 he spent the summer in his father’s auto parts store. He loved arcade games and started to make his own arcade from the cardboard boxes in the back of the store. He was discovered by a client one day and it changed both of their lives and led to a global movement of making and invention.

Nirvan, who discovered Caine made a movie that went viral. He set up a scholarship fund for Caine which has raised over $240,000 and the pair have travelled the globe giving talks and inspiring others. The video led to the creation of the Global Cardboard Challenge that happens every year around the world. All Caine wanted was people to come and use his arcade and since the movie, tens of thousands of people from around the globe have visited his arcade, still in the front of his father’s auto parts store.

Nirvan went on to start imagination.org, to foster imagination in kids. His company has engaged over 750,000 kids in projects around the Great Cardboard Challenge. The website is an great place for educators, parents and kids who want to foster creativity and entrepreneurship.

This year’s cardboard challenge is on 1st October, learn more and get involved by clicking here. There are schools and organisations registered to take part already, why not add your group to the list. It is a wonderful fundraising idea that is guaranteed to get lots of participation. The power of learning through play and making is extraordinary that could lead to something amazing.

Kiwaha o Te Wiki (Idiom)

“E mara!” Hey Bro!

Eh mah-rdah

E mara, where are you?

A really interesting read from the latest School News (Issue 58, term 3, 2022). Thank you Linda Reubens for sharing. I think there are a lot of solid takeaways. 

Kāhui Ako Hui Dates – Term Three 2022

18th August – Orewa Beach – 11am ASL

25th August – Orewa College – 10.15am ASL

25th August – Orewa College – 3.30pm WSL

1st September – Dairy Flat School – 11am ASL

8th September – Orewa Primary – 10.35am ASL

8th September – Orewa College – 3.30pm WSL

15th September – Wainui Primary – 10.10am ASL

22nd September – Silverdale School – 11.05am ASL

22nd September – Orewa College – 3.30pm WSL

29th September – No Hui

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